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However regarding penguin migrations its been largely speculative.

I like how you go from "never been observed" to "largely speculative" in such a short time. That's how science should work when faced with new evidence. The new evidence in this case are satellite images of guano trails. Sounds pretty convincing.

The press release doesn't mention climate change so I don't know why you keep going on about that. I'm sure these or other researchers will search for a link between these migrations and climate change but for now they are silent on the subject.

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OK, and this is part of climate change how? They have done it for years, but now it's part of "climate change"?

Right. We do the anti-science thing in slashdot these days dont we. *sigh*

Instead of carefully reading the article you just make up your own convenient conclusions.

You say that 'Emperor penguins [...] have never been observed to change nesting location so the question is *why*' . The authors of the study challenge this notion. That is what the FINE article is about.

Relevant quote:
“Our research showing that colonies seem to appear and disappear throughout the years challenges behaviors we thought we understood about emperor penguins,” said LaRue. “If we assume that these birds come back to the same locations every year, without fail, these new colonies we see on satellite images wouldn’t make any sense. These birds didn’t just appear out of thin air—they had to have come from somewhere else. This suggests that emperor penguins move among colonies. That means we need to revisit how we interpret population changes and the causes of those changes.”

This means that earlier research that used an assumption about penguin behavior similar to yours might be wrong.

Do you feel these researchers are doing the anti-science thing too?

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The funny part is that it was the other way around when the climate discussions first started here on Slashdot. Then the climate threads would be page after page of dumb skeptic comments. Now the new generation of braindead are alarmist it seems.

The reason I found the article in the Telegraph is because I am biased myself. I dislike any alarmist drama, not just of the climate variation. And since the BBC has a track record when it comes to alarmism I went looking for the other side of the story ;-)

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I read the part about Open Source and it reads like it's written by an FSF activist. Stallman and his activists my have felt that Linux/Open Source was hijacking their cause but the reality is that the Linux strategy was just much more successful than the FSF one. Open Source was a rebranding but no coup: it pretty much covered the general attitude in the Linux movement.

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I live in Amsterdam. We have lots and lots of cyclists here. There are traffic jams of just cyclists. We also have lots of tourist pedestrians who tend to clog up bike lanes. And you know what? We are all getting along just fine most of the time and when somebody gets hurt it is usually the cyclist.

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500k a month are 2009 numbers, it is now >5m a month:

You are right that they are not SCO of course. However lawyers getting more important in a company is always a bad sign as they are not about creating wealth but about getting a bigger part of the pie.

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Even a meager application of Occam's razor should make it immediately clear that the people accusing the climate science community of scaremongering/profiteering are themselves some of the most aggressive profiteers the world has ever known: the fossil fuel industry.

LOL. Occam's razor is not a substitute for evidence dude. Without proof you are just another conspiracy theorist.

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They might have killed the male members of the opposing tribe but our historic and genetic records show they had often a different purpose for the females. A good example is Iceland with it's Viking male and Celtic females settlers:

The whole racial thing might be the result of contemporary bias and perhaps future historians will present the PRAM II tool as evidence of how our current society is preoccupied with race.


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I picked a great analogy. It works in the physical world but doesn't map to the digital world, just as the system we have pre-digital doesn't map to the digital era.

Well, if the point of the analogy was that it breaks down then we are in agreement ;-)

Did I miss anything?

Yes, you are missing the big picture: there is a revolution going on. The paywalls are coming down. All information ever produced will become available at your screen, searchable, extensible and what not. Accessible to even the poorest child on this planet. A new industry will develop around it just like it did around the internet.

This is not about some morally challenged kid stealing your e-book. This will be one of the great achievements of western civilization.

As long as authors are enthusiastically promoting this revolution instead of frustrating it, they have my full support when it comes to fair compensation for their efforts.

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ROTFLMAO. I understand it perfectly

Don't claim you understand. Show it by picking good analogies. Yours was a misleading analogy that is made time and time again in this discussion.

You can't claim you understand the issue perfectly and still make that kind of basic mistake. So don't blame me for thinking you were new to this discussion and Alicia Silverstoning you.


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