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+ - Dreamliner takes flight->

Hellswaters writes: After over two years of delays the Boeing 787 dreamliner has finally taken flight for the first time and has begun its extencive flight test program. Everyone that was not aware, this aircraft has millions of lines of computer code, so this flight is just as big of milestone in aviation is it is in technology.
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+ - Korean man killed by co-worker, not cell phone->

bhpratt writes: I was shocked when the original story spread like wildfire across the internet: Exploding Cell Phone Battery Kills. CNN even picked up the story and discussed the shocking occurrence, ending with a warning about how dangerous our personal electronics can be.

The most shocking part wasn't the report itself, but that nearly everyone seemed to ignore the fact that the man's spine and some ribs were broken, yet the "exploding" cell phone left only burns on his chest — not a gaping hole. Well, it turns out that the man's co-worker has admitted to accidentally killing him by backing into him with a drilling vehicle. What a surprise! It wasn't the cell phone after all!

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+ - Apple Forced to Sell Un-Locked iPhones in Germany->

Tech.Luver writes: "Apple has been forced to release a version of the iPhone in Germany that is not locked into a specific network or contract, scuppering its exclusive deal with Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile. Following a preliminary injunction, T-Mobile said that it would sell an unlocked phone for $1465 ( 999 ) until a final decision is reached. It will continue to offer iPhones locked into a two-year contract for $585 ( 399 ). Its announcement comes after rival Vodafone went to a German court to challenge T-Mobile's exclusive tie-up with the iPhone in Germany. Vodafone Deutschland won the injunction barring T-Mobile from offering the iPhone exclusively with a so-called SIM lock that stops users from switching the device to any other operator's network, and with a minimum two year contract. ( )"
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+ - SCO's Darl McBride: "It's not the end of the l->

oahazmatt writes: In an interview with LinuxInsider, Darl McBride had some interesting things to say about SCO, recent judgements, the future of the company and how it's a rather exciting time to be a SCO employee. "It's like the boxer who has come out of the ring after getting all beaten up, and he comes over to his trainer and says, 'The guy didn't touch me.' And the trainer says, 'Then you better keep your eye on the ref, because somebody's beating the living hell out of you.'"
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Comment: Price too high (Score 2, Insightful) 478 478

To be honest I wonder about the price. The one thing a console has going for it is stable hardware. If you look at the PS2, it was about 6 years between launch and launch of the ps3, and considering that new games are still being released for the ps2, a console life of about 7-8 years. Contrast that with the X-box which had a time between launches of 4 years, and which microsoft appears to have dropped like a hot potato once the 360 came through. Based on that, the "fair" price for a ps3 (assuming no hardware failure is about double that of the xbox360.

I don't think that the extra graphics power/HDD/net makes nearly as much difference as having a stable platform for that long. I think, based on the ps2, that you could buy a ps3 this christmas and have a reasonable expectation that new games for that console will still be being released in 2015. Whereas the xbox360 _has_ to be cheaper, because the last game for it will be made in 2010 (based on xbox).

Internet Not the Social Hinder it Was 173 173

imjustatomato writes "A 1998 study showed that the Internet causes declines in social relationships and isolation, similarly to how television causes social disengagement and bad moods. This is the 'Internet Paradox' because while the internet is heavily used for communication, it makes people lonelier. However, a more recent study shows that now the internet has a positive effect on social and psychological well-being. This is even more so for those who have more social support and are extroverted in nature. Interestingly, frequent Internet use is associated with a decline in local knowledge and interest in living in the local area."

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