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+ - India Bans BBC Documentary on Rape

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "India's far-right Hindu Nationalist government headed by Narendra Modi has banned telecasting and viewing online of a BBC documentary on the 2012 Delhi rape which shocked the nation. The documentary consists interviews of the rapist Mukesh Singh, his lawyers and the victim's parents seems to expose the male dominant nature of Indian society. Indian government is now attempting to ban the documentary worldwide. Critics of Indian government's action has accused it for not addressing issues women face and instead trying to hide the dirty secrets of its culture from the world. Some Indian websites also reported that the views expressed by the rapist is echoed by policemen, lawyers and politicians of the nation. So far the government's attempt to ban the video online is with mixed success."

Comment: Re:WTF (Score 1) 58

by tonique (#48625215) Attached to: NASA Tests Feasibility of 3D Printing on the Moon and Other Planets

I studied chemistry in a non-English-speaking country and in situ was a known term. It means that a specific compound needed in a reaction is made in the same vessel as the synthesis continues, not separated and transferred to another flask. Example: reacting sodium with ethanol to produce sodium ethoxide followed by transesterification.

On site would in deed mean that something was prepared in the same laboratory or even the same fume cupboard.

Comment: Openstreetmap, Nominatim, OSRM (Score 1) 208

by tonique (#47548525) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Would You Do With Half a Rack of Server Space?

You could consider donating server space and bandwidth to Openstreetmap projects. There's a wiki for OSM but it's quite confusing at times. Then there's Nominatim, the name search; it requires lots of computer resources. Open source routing from OSM data can be done with OSRM, which is quite fast.

Perhaps extracts of OSM data for downloading would be nice, eg. just roads, waters; see what's already available.

+ - MicroxWin Creates Linux DIstribution That Runs Debian/Ubuntu & Android Apps ->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "VolksPC who developed MicroXwin as a lightweight X Window Server has come up with their own Linux distribution. Setting apart VolksPC's distribution from others is that it's based on both Debian and Android and has the capability to run Debian/Ubuntu/Android apps together in a native ARM experience. The implementation doesn't depend on VNC or other similar solutions of the past that have tried to join desktop apps with mobile Android apps. This distribution is also reportedlby compatible with all Android applications. The distribution is expected to begin shipping on an ARM mini-PC stick."
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+ - A Open Source Digital Condom "hacking sex toys"->

Submitted by MicroBitz
MicroBitz (3547873) writes "We all know that condoms cause lessened sensation. A more pleasurable and easier to wear design is really needed, so not to numb the feeling and wreck the mood. How about increasing the good feeling?

Fraz Peer and Andrew Quitmeyer created a prototype of an open source, digital condom that's literally wired with electrodes along the side of the sleeve and hooked up to a microcontroller for power. The device creates electrical impulses along the shaft to mimic the pleasurable sensation that is dulled by traditional condoms. It's called, somewhat horrifically, the Electric Eel."

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+ - CD Projekt RED Considering The Witcher 3 For Linux If SteamOS Takes Off->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Followers of the Penguin, Marcin Iwiski, one of the founders of CD Projekt RED, has spoken out about why the developer of The Witcher series and Cyberpunk 2077 has not yet shown any support towards Linux.

Citing an issue deemed a myth by many, especially by Ryan "Icculus" Gordon who took to busting this myth during the Steam Developer Days of 2014, Iwiski believes that if you are going to support Linux, you cannot simply pick one distribution to support. Instead, he feels that CD Projekt RED would have to take to supporting at least five.

"First of all, we have a lot of respect for Steam and we think they are very, very good business guys and good gamer friendly guys and that's really, really important. We like what they are doing and with the Steam Box, if they will be able to deliver a cool console, definitely, we are interested in having a game there.

You know, one of the reasons we have not released The Witcher on Linux is that we most probably have to address five different versions of Linux and this is always terrible to support the quality of the games afterwards. The patches, the updates, and everything. If Steam will deliver a constant Linux environment, call it SteamOS or anything like that, we would love to have our games there because, you know, the more people play our games, the better for us."

- Marcin Iwiski, CD Projekt RED

There you have it. SteamOS will somehow negate having to support five Linux distributions and defeat the beast that is distro fragmentation once and for all.

How do you feel about CD Projekt RED's reasoning? Will SteamOS bring the desired changes? I, personally, can only keep on hoping and ask you kind folks to keep on voting for GOG, sister company to CD Projekt RED and reseller of its games, to finally add Linux support."

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+ - Google Chrome 33 Removes Option to Fallback to Old New Tab Page

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "On Friday, Chrome 33 was shipped out the everyone on the stable channel. Among other things, it removes the developer flag to disable the "Instant Extended API", which powers an updated New Tab page. The new New Tab page receieved a large amount of backlash from users, particularly due to strange behavior when Google wasn't set as the default search engine. It also moves the apps section to a separate page and puts the button to reopen recently closed tabs in the Chrome menu. With the option to disable this change removed, there has been tremendous backlash on Google Chrome's official forum. The official suggestion from Google as well as OMG! Chrome is to try some New Tab page changing extensions, such as Replace New Tab, Modern New Tab Page, or iChrome."

+ - Where do you host open source projects (for non-developer users)?

Submitted by StealthHunter
StealthHunter (597677) writes "I know that github is popular as is Google code, but where do you host open source projects when your primary user base just wants to read webpages and download software? As in, the average person that doesn't want to figure out how to use svn or navigate wiki pages. Google code used to have "downloads" but those have recently been abandoned and github's norm is an awkward "tarball commit" for releases. Is SourceForge really the only option?"

+ - Canadian Court Sets Numerous Limits in Copyright Troll Case-> 4

Submitted by FuzzNugget
FuzzNugget (2840687) writes "Law professor Michael Geist summarizes a recent ruling by a Canadian federal court that will allow Voltage Pictures to proceed against regional ISP TekSavvy, but established a series of conditions that prevents the plaintiffs from simply sending out threatening letters en masse:

1. Any "demand letters" sent out must be reviewed and approved by the case management judge.

2. Letters must include a copy of the court order and clearly state, in bold text, that no court ruling has established liability for payment or damages by the recipient.

3. TekSavvy may only disclose subscribers' names and addresses.

4. Voltage Pictures must pay Teksavvy's legal costs before the release of subscriber details.

5. Any further action brought against subscribers must be case managed.

6. Subscriber information must be kept confidential and not disclosed to the general public, the media or anyone not directly relevant to the case.

With these limitations, the court makes it clear that they take individuals' privacy seriously and intend to discourage such scare tactics employed by copyright trolls."

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+ - Ugandan President Defends Antigay Bill->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "A defiant Yoweri Museveni has responded to U.S. President Barack Obama’s criticism of Uganda’s pending Anti-Homosexuality Bill by stating that he intends to sign it into law as soon as a scientific committee has completed its work. In a letter to Obama dated 18 February—but which has just become public—Museveni, Uganda’s president, defends the bill, which would introduce life sentences for so-called “aggravated homosexuality” with minors or in cases of rape, and terms of 7 to 14 years for attempted or actual homosexual activity."
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