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Comment: Innovation jams (Score 1) 509

One great way is to promote innovation in a company. As some have noted, some people have families to think about outside of work that hacking on something new outside the office is not always a priority. In the office however you can encourage people to try something new by allowing a certain percentage of innovation time. Then once every 12-14 weeks allow debs to focus on their in ovation projects awarding the winning project.

You get:
Devs trying something new
New skills being bred
New ideas for your workplace
Possibly new productivity tools
A great environment to work in
People encouraged to work as a team

There is a lot of tech out there now and nurturing skills is very important especially if someone needs to decide if they want to stay employed.

Comment: Re:How about just letting people work from home??? (Score 1) 282

by tonejava (#40753829) Attached to: San Francisco Poaching Tech Talent From Silicon Valley

Most companies get more team value from having the team co-located - especially with Agile practices. Having to work out "Where is ?" is a bitch when you are supposed to be getting a job done as a team (especially with Continuous Delivery).

I encourage my team to be in the office because we don't have just one person working on a feature or pumping out quick fixes all the time and when something goes wrong we all need to get on the job of fixing ASAP.

Comment: Re:And the cost (Score 1) 282

by tonejava (#40753581) Attached to: San Francisco Poaching Tech Talent From Silicon Valley

It's just not the interest of living in the city, companies are paying the salaries to live in the city, relocating people from anywhere in America to live in SF, if anything companies want you to be in SF.

The companies know having the staff co-located and being close to the action is going to be more productive than coordinating a team across the web.

Comment: Re:Dr Who can outlast any producer (Score 1) 304

by tonejava (#19345407) Attached to: Doctor Who To Be Axed, Again
> Theoretically... but this is science fiction
> television... if it keeps the show going,
> rules were made to be broken.

Well they easily broke that rule with the Master time and time again.... And there was nothing said about what point in her life the Rani had reached.

Then there is the so called time war that apparently wiped out all the timelords, yadi yadi yada.

Hey i like the new series, not too crazy about the breaking rules but if it keeps it alive for now then I'm in as well.

Besides there are alot of spin offs out there they can invest in as well, maybe the Faction Paradox war can breach our space once more?

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