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Comment: Don't mix logins or desktops (Score 1) 480

by tomtom (#39408765) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Are Your Tips For Working From Home?

If you use your PC for both work and non-work activities, or anything else like that, one way to keep yourself from distracting yourself is to maintain separate logins.

For example, I have a desktop PC in my home office that I use for both work and for pleasure/gaming/etc. It's usually running Windows 7. I maintain two independent desktop logins - one for work, one for non-work. In this way when I'm on the clock for work, my whole environment says it's work time. That cool web site I was reading last night? The bookmark for it is on the other desktop; I can't see it from here. When I finish work at 5pm or whatever, I switch desktops, and now all my work-related stuff is invisible again. Likewise I have separate mailboxes and domain names, separate logins on my Linux box, ... it's as if I'm two complete people. I find this helpful to avoid distractions.


White House Ditches YouTube 204

Posted by ScuttleMonkey
from the but-i-thought-google-bought-and-paid-for-the-US-already dept.
An anonymous reader writes to tell us that in an apparent response to privacy complaints, the White House has quietly moved off of YouTube as a method for serving the President's weekly video address. Choosing instead to use a Flash-based solution and Akamai's content delivery network, this comes just days after YouTube began to roll out their own new policies regarding privacy of visitors.

Comment: Why UDP? (Score 1) 238

by tomtom (#25953863) Attached to: BitTorrent Calls UDP Report "Utter Nonsense"

It can be convenient to prioritize UDP over other traffic for simple QoS at a shared broadband gateway. It catches DNS queries, VoIP, gamers, and most anything else small and sensitive.

In an attempt to avoid ISP filters the P2P users sprawl across all 64k TCP ports. Now the UDP portspace will be covered in P2P crap too. There are lots of major IP protocol numbers left... at least in my copy of /etc/protocols. I wish they'd used a new protocol for this instead of UDP.

But then again, I think we all know the real motivation for this effort is simply to make it more difficult to segregate P2P at the ISP. I don't really care about that; my problem is the collateral damage.


Online Carpooling Service Fined In Canada 541

Posted by kdawson
from the regulatory-capture dept.
TechDirt is reporting on a disappointing development out of Canada. An Ontario transportation board has fined PickupPal, a Web-based service for arranging carpools, because a local bus company complained of the competition. (TechCrunch apparently first broke the story.) "[The transportation board has] established a bunch of draconian rules that any user in Ontario must follow if it uses the service — including no crossing of municipal boundaries — meaning the service is only good within any particular city's limits. It's better than being shut down completely, and the service can still operate elsewhere around the world, but this is yet another case where we see regulations, that are supposedly put in place to improve things for consumers, do the exact opposite."

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