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Comment: Re:Oh, wow! (Score 5, Informative) 87

by tomstockmail (#39791995) Attached to: Inside the PlayStation Suite SDK
1. It's for mobile devices. PS Vita is the current testing platform. When PSSuite launches, it will be available on Playstation Android phones (another whole story).
2. It's beta, but since it's a branded Mono Develop that means good things. iOS can only be done properly on OSX after all.
3. Yeah that was weird but they might be going for the XNA crowd.
4. There's 3D support, you're completely wrong. From their site
>Rather than providing only basic samples for explaining each basic API, the SDK also gives you access to samples of games and applications using 2D and 3D graphics.
5. PSSuite will be a platform. Google can prevent anyone from using the Play store, Apple can prevent anyone from using the app store.
6. It will be $99/year, the same price as iOS development.
Looks like it's right in line with the other mobile platforms.

+ - PlayStation Suite Open Beta Development launches->

Submitted by tomstockmail
tomstockmail (2056752) writes "Sony launches open beta of the PlayStation Suite, a not-yet-launched platform for games across Android devices and the PlayStation Vita. A branded Monodevelop, PS Suite allows one to create games and applications in C# complete with a UI designer. Out of beta a $99 per year subscription will be required. Additionally, any PS Vita can be used as a test environment."
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Comment: Re:Doesn't really tell the full story... (Score 5, Informative) 324

by tomstockmail (#38167220) Attached to: Worldwide Support For Nuclear Power Drops
I don't see how nuclear power is in any way more dangerous than hydro electric. There have been significantly more people killed by hydro electric power, not to mention the massive effects it has on the environment.

When the Banqiao Dam in China collapsed, 26,000 people died immediately. This is the worst accident in the history of hydroelectric. Chernobyl had 31-56 direct deaths and this is the worst nuclear power accident. In both cases they were from direct negligence. Banqiao continued to kill more, just like Chernobyl. Banqiao killed 145,000 additional people within a few years and Chernobyl killed/will kill ~6,000 eventually (various estimates change). Banqiao directly effected 11 million people and Chernobyl displaced the entire town, 49,400 people, and it's a mere fraction of Banqiao. The fact is the deaths from nuclear power is significantly less than hydroelectric and always will be. A nuclear power plant does not blow up like in video games such as Red Alert 2, Chernobyl was the absolute worst case scenario (for one reactor, Chernobyl would be worst if all reactors that were there blew).

The Three Mile Island incident shows the lack of education for the public. People continue to "monitor" Three Mile Island but what they don't know or are too dense to know is that their basements have more radiation than Three Mile Island outputs.

Oh, lets note that Chernobyl continued to operate the other reactors until 2000.

Banqiao Dam source

Comment: Re:Meh.... (Score 2) 77

by tomstockmail (#38088150) Attached to: Desura Game Distribution Service Releases On Linux

Are other titles available?

Yes there are. Oil Rush, for example. You can browse the Linux only games by going to the game browsing page and clicking the Tux in the upper right hand corner. The Humble Indie Bundle was popular and came with Desura keys, so a lot of people can test using Desura without having to buy a game straight out from them.

Are other titles available? Does this mean EA is going to start doing Linux ports through this?

I *highly* doubt EA will ever start doing Linux ports and if they did, they'd find a way to bring Origin to Linux to do it. But Desura acts as a game distribute service that goes across Windows, Linux and soon to be OSX that developers can utilize when creating cross platform games. I welcome Desura and will be using it for future game transactions since Steam never decided to make a Linux port.

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