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Comment: Re:Can someone explainn (Score 1) 164

by ScentCone (#48934533) Attached to: Drone Maker Enforces No-Fly Zone Over DC, Hijacking Malware Demonstrated
The problem is that if the airframe is moving directly at the White House from, say, New York Ave, it could do so at ten feet above the ground. Would still clear the fence, but anybody on the roof of the White House opening up with any sort of AA or even conventional small arms fire would be, essentially, shooting right at hundreds of people, cars, trucks, and office buildings. NOT an easy problem to solve.

Comment: Re:Seems a bit unfair (Score 2) 164

by ScentCone (#48934445) Attached to: Drone Maker Enforces No-Fly Zone Over DC, Hijacking Malware Demonstrated

I think you mean to say, "If drones are illegal, only criminals will have drones".

Yes. And drones don't kill people, people kill people. It's actually kinda funny to watch a lot of normally "progressive" types who've always reflexively ridiculed the sport shooting types for their defensive postures regarding irrational gun laws ... suddenly find themselves in exactly the same predicament. "But I just want to do some fine art landscape photography from 50' feet up!" Uh huh, and I just want to break some clay pigeons. But we're BOTH evil now! How's it feel buddy!

Comment: Re:Can someone explainn (Score 1) 164

by ScentCone (#48934173) Attached to: Drone Maker Enforces No-Fly Zone Over DC, Hijacking Malware Demonstrated

And you think that's going to get by undetected?

Scenario: pop away some sort of cover on a flatbed truck a couple of blocks from the White House. Fire up a very un-sexy, easy to build hexa than can easy lift a few pounds. It could quickly self-navigate straight up to a couple hundred or more feet (these things can climb like rockets), above any local building tops, and then move horizontally towards the White House at the better part of 50mph. Who CARES if it can be detected? If there are people on the White House lawn doing some sort of camera op or press conference, that bird would be right over them in the blink of an eye, and could drop something nasty with shocking accuracy, within a meter of a typical presser podium. It would happen so fast that being detected or not doesn't really matter.

I love these machines. They're great for all sorts of fun and creative uses. But a smart, determined bad guy really could put them to some very evil, if innovative, use. And that's the point. New government limits on their use make the bad guys just laugh!

Comment: Re:Can someone explainn (Score 1) 164

by ScentCone (#48934101) Attached to: Drone Maker Enforces No-Fly Zone Over DC, Hijacking Malware Demonstrated

the payload of the DJI Phantom line is measured in low-double-digit grams

I have a pimped out Phantom. The extra payload it carries:

1) GCU
2) Gimbal
3) GoPro with Battery
4) Video Downlink TX with cloverleaf antenna
5) iOSD
6) Various related cables, mounting hardware

Which all adds up to almost 340g - and it still maneuvers like crazy, and stays up for an easy 15 minutes.

No, it's not a lot. But it's lot more than low-double-digits. My bigger rig can easily carry 8 or 9 pounds while climbing to hundreds of feet faster than you'd believe. And it can go horizontally at a pretty frightening speed.

Comment: Re:Still not good enough. (Score 1, Flamebait) 427

by jellomizer (#48933293) Attached to: FCC Officially Approves Change In the Definition of Broadband

Don't forget the normal voter who just doesn't want to have more taxes. Even if it means that they will pay more for Internet service.

Americans in general, have a distrust of the government. And prefer to have more personal power even if that means they are putting themselves in a disadvantage. But that way it is their mistake in their lives not someone elses.

Data Storage

Former NATO Nuclear Bunker Now an 'Airless' Unmanned Data Center 147

Posted by timothy
from the no-humans-involved dept.
An anonymous reader writes A German company has converted a 1960s nuclear bunker 100 miles from network hub Frankfurt into a state-of-the-art underground data center with very few operators and very little oxygen. IT Vision Technology (ITVT) CEO Jochen Klipfel says: 'We developed a solution that reduces the oxygen content in the air, so that even matches go outIt took us two years'. ITVT have the European Air Force among its customers, so security is an even higher priority than in the average DC build; the refurbished bunker has walls 11 feet thick and the central complex is buried twenty feet under the earth.

Comment: Re:Can they do it with corporate code? (Score 1) 218

by jellomizer (#48932159) Attached to: Anonymous No More: Your Coding Style Can Give You Away

Most companies don't.
If it gets to a point where your program is changing its programming language for its code, chances are the entire workflow process will be evaluated, and will be coded from the start up. If there isn't a change in workflow, then there isn't a good need to change how the program is written, and they will just code the legacy system, in the style of the time.

However your Old COBOL or Fortran system is being migrated to a newer platform, the new workflow means a lot of these cool tricks back then may be so simplified down to a built in language class, so that module that took weeks to perfect may be just as easy as x.dothis()

Comment: Re:Power Costs (Score 4, Insightful) 255

Many high end equipment does have fairly large capacitors to allow enough power off time to do a clean power off.
I remember back in the 1990's some PC Centric folks were looking in a Sun Workstation they were surprised about all the large capacitors that were on the motherboard. In short it gives the system enough time finish its final calculation before the power goes out.

Comment: Re:Sci fi (Score 3, Insightful) 49

by jellomizer (#48931217) Attached to: Brain Implants Get Brainier

In terms of brain implants, we are at the Peg-Leg level of sophistication. We can offer them a solution that will help with some problems, but it isn't a case where we can solve all the problems.

So something that detects that a seizure will happen then does a pulse to stop it. Will help stop the seizure, but not cure all the problems, as well it may bring in some side effects, because the brain so so complicated.

However for some reason we have been polarized to a point that we really can't judge tradeoffs any more. We want a 100% cure. We want our food to be 100% healthy and fill us up, and meet the taste we are craving, we want technology to Run Fast, Use little power, and be tiny. We want our contractors to be Cheap, Fast and Good.

The fact that we live in this imperfect world, seems to have a lot of people paralyzed to the idea of progress where progress will sometimes means there will be a tradeoff.

"Stupidity, like virtue, is its own reward" -- William E. Davidsen