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Comment More elegant computers (Score 0) 23

Not to say that they are more elegant, but they are elegant, and another example thereof. Sorry English is such a shitty language that it routinely introduces serious ambiguity with as few as three words.

In any case, Naval fire control computers were cool as shit back in the 1950s.

Comment Re:A remarkable number of people are idiots (Score 1) 316

What would be nice is our representatives only being on committees where they could prove they were competant on the subject matter.

Prove to who, by what standards? Maybe a legislator should be good at understanding the constitution, the wheels of policy making, the nature of government finance, etc., and then do what committees do ... bring in experts to testify so they'll hear from experts who specialize in the subject matter. An elected representative is supposed to be an expert at being a legislator. Expecting them to be fully formed IT experts or doctorate level virologists or masters of manufacturing processes is completely missing the point.

Comment Re:Are the laws of physics the same everywhere? (Score 1) 167

Laws of physics allows for Randomness, or at least a complex set of cause and effects that is beyond the ability to predict, as the attempt to measure all the factors will change their outcome, or a less sciency person may say these values we cannot be controlled by us are being controlled by a greater intelligence force. Needless to say in all intensive purposes there is randomness. Random stuff tends to balance itself out on the macro scale. Planets and Stars are round, and they orbit each other in elliptical orbits, they spin in galaxies.... But as you get into the smaller we find more randomness. That sandy beach may be made from different rocks, which may have a different properties. So animals who evolved to live on these beaches had adapted to deal with these difference, embracing the environments strengths and protecting itself from its dangers. So a bug evolved on one sandy beach with sand that has smooth edges may be more prone to digging in it to hide, while sand with sharper edges may be better used to cover the animal as to protect itself.
The environment you exist on will direct how you evolve. Our brains are designed for grassy plains, where we walk upright to be taller than grass, we can use our eyes and ears to find prey and avoid predators. Our smell isn't so great, but being above the grassline the stuff we would be able to smell wouldn't be as useful information. But we had learned to communicate with sight and sound.
An alien would have evolved with a much different set of random elements. Say like a bunch of mole men. No need for eye-sight. but much more on smell and sound. An intelligent group of life forms with less or no site would be making different observations. Except for reaching to the stars, they may be wanting to dig to the planet core. And they share information over the sniffernet. Their world view would be alien to us making communication difficult. and even undetectable by other advanced races.

Comment Re:Animals (Score 2) 167

We can communicate with animals. We can learn there gestures, mannerisms, vocal noises, even analyse the smells they produce. We can often tell if they are happy, sad, angry at least for mammals and birds. However animals don't have the same level of communication that people do. Sure some animals makes complex sounds but it doesn't mean they are performing complex grammar. A Dolphin going Screech - Chirpity - click - click may just mean "Fish over here", and perhaps an identifier on who he is.
We can identify this stuff. We think we cannot communicate with animals because we don't get into these deep conversations with them but they don't think like that. They are not that deep.

Comment Re:A remarkable number of people are idiots (Score 5, Funny) 316

This is why I'm seriously advocating that the weight of one's vote should be proportional to his knowledge + intelligent.

Does that mean that my vote will count more than yours, because I know the difference between "intelligent" and "intelligence?"

Be careful how you tell other people to measure things.

Comment From the article you didn't read (Score 3, Informative) 63

When United does include this code in correspondence, all but the last three characters are replaced with asterisks. The same is true with Unitedâ(TM)s boarding passes. However, the full Mileage Plus number is available if you take the time to decode the barcode on a boarding pass.

Comment 4 gigs is all the RAM you will ever need. (Score 1) 208

I expect that is may be mostly do the fact most apps made today still are created with the idea of 32bit in mind. (For Windows and Linux). When designing software there is a sweet spot where of how much RAM to use, vs how much to read off of slower storage such as a hard disk or download from the cloud, vs. how much you should calculate in real time. As technology progresses and prices changes this balance fluctuates. MS DOS and those old DOS apps were designed around the under 640k RAM. and reading data from the disk. So many of the games were generated via Vector graphics. As the CPU time was fast enough to draw the graphics, vs trying to store bitmaps in RAM, and loading it from the disk. Then once the Faster Accessing of the hard disk came around with larger storage, then you got more bitmapped images, where you can read more complex images and display them faster then it would take the CPU to draw them at that quality level. As well RAM has been breaking the 640k barrier, at this point we can have Windowing information as we now have the RAM to run the application and extra to store the data behind an overlapping window...

Design methods change as technology changes so you code needs to deal with the new balance of technology available in the systems.
Sometimes we call it bloat, but it is about having your program taking optimal advantage of the resources to meet what the system can do.
I have a program I created on the server that takes over a hundred gigs of RAM. It really flies because I have a good portion of the data cached in RAM for quick retrieval faster then it takes to download it from the Database. The app I would have written a decade ago, wouldn't work like this app, because we didn't have the RAM, so it would have been designed with more of creating direct read tables in the database with copies from other data elements, probably using extra disk space, to get things indexed so it will work in reasonable time. As well it may need to have been split across multiple servers.

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