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Comment: So that's what it was!!! (Score 1) 53 53

For about a week I received the same SMS message every minute a couple of times, next every 2-3 minutes, next every hour, next every 6 hours and finally it quit after 3 days. Would do that for every SMS I received. Suddenly after a week I received those same SMS's through Google Hangout (over a week old SMS's I already had received) and than it was over.
I still don't understand why they make Apps that mess up the 'normal' functionality of the phone. It should be able to place and receive calls and SMS's period. Any other functionality is secondary. I've had my phone crash multiple times trying to place a call just because it was doing something else in the background, like google maps and GPS etc... (disclaimer: it's a Samsung mini s2, so pretty old and cheap, but still...)

Comment: Re:Moral Panic (Score 1) 490 490

I'm in agreement with most of your statements, however I'd like to rationalize the "Man make more than Woman" statement a bit more. Most serious research on this takes into account equal pay/time/degree/responsibility/job level/etc... So it's not like they're comparing women on a 4/5th or part-time schedule earning less than men on a full schedule for the same job. Really, if you filter out all that smoke women are still earning significantly less than men. Those are the facts.

As far as making "girly science kits", that's complete BS to me. Real Science is hard. No amount of sugarcoating is going to make the Maxwell Equations simple to the general populace. Also, in some sciences women already quite outnumber men ( Biology, Bio engineering, Bio Medical Sciences, ...). In Europe there are 25% more women in College than men. In Eastern Europe it's actually 50% more women than men!

Comment: Re:OK, you asked ... (Score 1) 387 387

I agree. During my university Computer Science days starting from '95 we could get a Slackware distribution on CD-ROM (which ironically was considered the user-friendly distribution back then). Although basic installation was not that hard (partitioning HD, installing software, etc...) many hardware peripherals were not compatible. I don't think I ever managed to make my modem work (I admit, it was probably a win-modem based cheap one) nor get the X windows system to run in SVGA or find the correct horizontal/vertical scanning/refresh frequency to put in the properties file (again, my cheap video card probably did not have a linux driver either and same with the monitor). Also, the dual bootloader was not always that stable either, bricking not only my linux but also my ms-dos partition.
So even in the later 90s, you had to buy the correct hardware making sure it was linux compatible, which usually wasn't the cheapest hardware.
I'm a happy camper now, using linux on both my laptop as at work but it certainly wasn't all rainbows and sunshine back in the 90s.

Comment: EVERYONE plays video games! (Score 2) 170 170

Breathing also a gateway to a programming career! Yes I also started fiddling with computers and playing video games at an early age, but so did all the other boys my age. We all had C64s, Amigas and later on PCs. But most didn't end up in IT, let alone software development or programming.
I'm sure today you'll have a harder time finding a 12 yr old kid without a game console, tablet or computer than with.

Comment: Re:Quite the Opposite (Score 1) 271 271

That's if you have a good PM. Nowadays PMs, especially in bigger companies tend to be office managers that set up meetings, don't participate in them or at least don't lead the discussions, keep minutes and have no clue at all about the what the software engineers are talking about. Their job is to go person to person and ask "how long will it take for you to do this task" and fill given data into his spreadsheet.

Comment: You want to see actual widespread sexism? (Score 1) 613 613

Go into Sales and Marketing. I really wonder how sexism compares in STEM, Academia (a recent study already concluded that you have twice as much chance to get tenure being a woman) and IT to 'regular jobs' like your local supermarket and bar/restaurant. I'm pretty sure you can expect crude sexist remarks there as a woman all day long.

Comment: Peanuts compared to their value (Score 4, Insightful) 202 202

Yes, for a non-profit 50 million $ just laying around seems like a lot. The WMF page says there are 230 employees for a revenue of 38 million $ (mostly from donations). You can hardly claim they are being secret about it. Also, paying 230 ppl an avg of 50,000$ a year is already 11 million$ ( so it's not a trivial amount, and if the avg is higher that goes up by a margin as well).
However, when you look at the presence of WikiPedia on the internet, it's basically first hit on google in every search on every possible subject. It's probably the number one source for people to find information about a subject. They have a HUGE presence. If someone had to put a value on that, it would be worth billions. Look at other internet companies. Google (365 billion $), facebook (200 billion $), etc... Sure, they are not Google or Facebook, but would definitely be valued in the billions. The 50 million $ is just change compared to their net worth.

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