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Comment Re:Name drop (Score 2) 83

It's important because they have tenure or are doing research as scholars for the given institutions. If someone working for Google, Apple or Microsoft comes up with something new or big on their time and dime, I'm sure they'd want their company to be mentioned as well. In research, you always mention your sponsor; may it be an academic institution or a particular grant you received.
I agree that for a given discovery, it's not because you are from Yale or Stanford that suddenly it's more valuable. Not every research from Yale of Stanford is per definition state-of-the-art. However, it's a chicken-egg problem, because these prestigious institutions tend to attract the brightest, or they at least get first pick in the pool of brightest people. This doesn't mean other researchers in other institutions can't be as good or even better.

Comment Re:Prone to promise too much (Score 1) 371

Exactly. let's say you have a DB that's under-performing in your system and that really needs to be looked at because it's affecting other parts of the system. It could be any number of things. Maybe the db schema was badly designed in a previous task. Maybe it's bad SQL queries. Maybe the DB installation is not optimal and adding memory / cache etc.. will help. Maybe the linux OS or VM which powers the DB is not optimal. This task can basically take from 1 hour to 2 weeks (just to put a number on it) to finish and troubleshoot. Who wants to commit sprint velocity suicide?

Comment Re:Perhaps this explains my Garmin (Score 1) 131

that's my experience as well which is the opposite of what the study claims. It seems to under-report distance, which causes lower measured speed. Indeed, with dropped measure points ( corners, running under trees or dense urban environment) it just counts less distance.
About the current pace, that's a bit to be expected. I noticed it's doing error correction as well, where at first it seems to under-report, and the next 30 seconds it's claiming I'm running much faster.

Comment I watched the documentary (Score 1) 289

And that's exactly what some of the girls say in the documentary and the points that are being brought across!
These are 15 year old girls, the competition is pretty fierce. They have to pitch, design and implement their App/Program in teams.
There are no "sparkle and rainbow and butterflies" coated instructions or Apps. The community problems they try to solve are hardcore. Some of the entries: An App that tests your reaction skills to see if you are fit to drive, An App by a Mexican team who wanted to check for Home Violence, Small Tools Sharing, A volunteering social network App, etc...
One of the girls says that's what she likes about it, they are put in charge of the whole process, and there is no "girly-pinkified" coding involved.
The Mexican girls were saying that if they were interested in Science or Computers, their teachers and surroundings would just tell them that's for boys and go do girly stuff, so this competition actually allowed them to go for the "non-girly-pinky" way of Software Engineering.
I, for one, was really impressed by the maturity and cleverness of all these 15 year old girls. I'm sure I would not have been able to do what they did as good when I was 15. Knowing these kids are around gives me hope for the future, Congratulations to all of them.

Comment Re:Step by step instructions (Score 1) 324

Although all these things sound cool, that's a sure way to not get into the country and be charged with whatever they come up with ( destruction of government property, assault - 'cause if that can fry a computer ... , espionage, terrorism, ... ).
If you're on some list you basically already lost. You can play dumb if it's a random check, you boot up to some family pics and some pr0n in the browser history. But if you're a journalist suspected of having some shady contacts and information, you are the weak spot, not your laptop. Because they may not get the info out of the laptop, but they sure can get it out of you. And these guys have training and years of experience in interrogations, whereas it may be the first time the journalist or other is being questioned. They also have all the time in the world, while you may have some planes to catch.

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