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Comment Re:It's a hard problem ... (Score 1) 683

As a start-up billionaire, I'm sure you can find fellow start-up billionaires (or millionaires) to hang around with and maybe invest in some other ventures.
He already managed to build up a very successful company which is a massive online game on different platforms. He probably had to pick his team very carefully from the foundation up; so he should be a good judge to which companies to invest in.

Comment Catch 22 (Score 1) 174

IBM sponsors education of 6 minority low-income children, claims success by offering a job to the 6 of them. Billion dollar education contract ensues ...
I mean, is anyone seeing the issue here? Offering these people a job is a small price to pay for IBM to 'irrefutably proof' the success of their program. I'm not saying their program is not good, but really, we should maybe have an external source assess this.

Comment You guys pay for MRI, PET, CAT? (Score 1) 311

In Belgium, went to get a CAT scan of the brain. Got a bill 2 weeks later .... 9 euro. We have global 'free' healthcare, that foots the rest of the bill, but the global bill was really only 200-300 euro. So no way close to the thousands of dollars they dare charge for a 5 minute procedure in the US.

Comment Re:As much as possible (Score 2) 350

Professionally (Software Developer) on a Windows 7 with 16G of ram (3 yr old top end Intel processor 8-core, I'm guessing i7 but not sure), 2 video cards with 3 monitors. I have Eclipse open with about 100 Maven Java projects open (don't ask). SQLDeveloper with some open connections to databases. Cygwin. Firefox with 8 tabs (gmail, subversion, jira, jenkins, intranet, slashdot, ...), a Cassandra database (for debugging and testing purposes, not under heavy load), some legacy Java services running with GUIs etc... It all works fine, no issues here.

Comment 6 months training (Score 1) 277

Most Police Academies in the US take 6 months or less to complete. How in earth can you expect policemen to learn to act accordingly in all circumstances and know the law as well in that short amount of time. They need to be physically fit, know how to operate their weapons, know the law, have the psychological insight to act accordingly in any situation, know how to file any type of police report, get driving classes, know a bit about the different sciences involved in drugs, crime scenes etc... It's just impossible really and usually comes down to having good old fashioned common sense to be a good cop.

Comment Re:Fighter "Generations" is a Lockheed Marketing T (Score 1) 732

Exactly. F16 are Second Strike fighters/bombers. They can't be used used in a First Strike operation. Any half-assed rogue state already has the capabilities to detect and take down F16s. So if you want to use F16s, you need the big boys to go in first and take down all mobile radar and ground-air missile machinery.

Comment Why are people going to jail for this? (Score 0) 664

Guys sees drone flying around; doesn't like it; shoots it down. To my knowledge gun ownership is legal there. So the only thing that happened was he destroyed other peoples property. So he needs to reimburse that person and any other harm done. Case closed. Why the whole arresting and crazy charges either way?

Comment Netflix already had that policy for holidays (Score 5, Interesting) 418

Take as much holidays as you want, come to work when you want, etc...
Check this presentation about the Netflix Culture (http://www.slideshare.net/reed2001/culture-1798664?from=ss_embed).
Basically they want high performers, and if that means you perform high coming to work 20 hrs a week, so be it. It also means if you're pulling 80 hrs a week and are just getting by, that's not enough. You don't get an A+ for "trying hard", you get an A+ for achieving high performance. That's all that matters.

Comment Re:Difficulty (Score 1) 270

Same here. I was maybe 15-16 and had no trouble installing and using Windows 3.x at all and nobody had to teach me anything
It had windows with obvious names that contained obvious programs. The metaphor was pretty clear and obvious....
Sure, the guy was a rocket scientist, yeah right...

Comment Re:I find it intersting this article exist: (Score 1) 405

I had (still have it but upgraded to something better) a D250 10.1" (Atom N270, 1 GB, 160 HDD, WIndows 7) and frankly it was a piece of crap.
First of all, the overheating was terrible. You couldn't run anything without overheating. It actually overheated while installing the damn thing turning it on for the first time. Went to >90C (200F) in less than a minute and would shut down if you dared to open two programs at once.
While charging, it was even worse. You basically couldn't do anything with it except some basic browsing (no flash or youtube!) if you didn't want it to burn.
Next the performance was bad. You couldn't watch a movie over 480p really without it lagging after 10 seconds.
I think after less than a year the hard drive crashed (it was a toshiba drive).
Tossed it out and put an SSD in, also installed Ubuntu instead of the Windows 7.
Things got better and it ran smoother, but watching movies was still a no-no and overheating was still an issue.
Apparently it was a construction mistake where both the processor and graphical chip were under the same heat-sink.

Comment And how are you graded? (Score 5, Interesting) 273

UoT says it's okay because "they are expected to approach controversial topics with a critical lens". So how exactly will they be graded on the course if they are indeed skeptical about the voodoo explained? If the examinator asks "How does dilution works?" Can you answer "well it doesn't because it's BS and proven to be so in Clinical Trials". Does that get you an A+ in the course?

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