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Comment Re:Difficulty (Score 1) 265 265

Same here. I was maybe 15-16 and had no trouble installing and using Windows 3.x at all and nobody had to teach me anything
It had windows with obvious names that contained obvious programs. The metaphor was pretty clear and obvious....
Sure, the guy was a rocket scientist, yeah right...

Comment Re:I find it intersting this article exist: (Score 1) 405 405

I had (still have it but upgraded to something better) a D250 10.1" (Atom N270, 1 GB, 160 HDD, WIndows 7) and frankly it was a piece of crap.
First of all, the overheating was terrible. You couldn't run anything without overheating. It actually overheated while installing the damn thing turning it on for the first time. Went to >90C (200F) in less than a minute and would shut down if you dared to open two programs at once.
While charging, it was even worse. You basically couldn't do anything with it except some basic browsing (no flash or youtube!) if you didn't want it to burn.
Next the performance was bad. You couldn't watch a movie over 480p really without it lagging after 10 seconds.
I think after less than a year the hard drive crashed (it was a toshiba drive).
Tossed it out and put an SSD in, also installed Ubuntu instead of the Windows 7.
Things got better and it ran smoother, but watching movies was still a no-no and overheating was still an issue.
Apparently it was a construction mistake where both the processor and graphical chip were under the same heat-sink.

Comment And how are you graded? (Score 5, Interesting) 273 273

UoT says it's okay because "they are expected to approach controversial topics with a critical lens". So how exactly will they be graded on the course if they are indeed skeptical about the voodoo explained? If the examinator asks "How does dilution works?" Can you answer "well it doesn't because it's BS and proven to be so in Clinical Trials". Does that get you an A+ in the course?

Comment How much can one learn? (Score 1) 217 217

When I was in University in the 90s, many Liberal Arts studies actually had some sort of programming classes. I had a friend that studied Economics, and I know she had an Informatics class where she had to write some Delphi program with UI and everything. It was basically a simple "address form desktop application", which was exactly what IDEs like Delphi and Visual Basic excelled at. Needless to say, these students didn't really care for those classes.
I'm sure many years later she completely forgot about all that. So really, unless you want to flood these students curriculum with technology related classes, there is just no way you'll get (most of) them interested in developing/programming their own idea.
If they would be interested, they'd go for engineering as well instead of Economy or Law school.

Comment So that's what it was!!! (Score 1) 62 62

For about a week I received the same SMS message every minute a couple of times, next every 2-3 minutes, next every hour, next every 6 hours and finally it quit after 3 days. Would do that for every SMS I received. Suddenly after a week I received those same SMS's through Google Hangout (over a week old SMS's I already had received) and than it was over.
I still don't understand why they make Apps that mess up the 'normal' functionality of the phone. It should be able to place and receive calls and SMS's period. Any other functionality is secondary. I've had my phone crash multiple times trying to place a call just because it was doing something else in the background, like google maps and GPS etc... (disclaimer: it's a Samsung mini s2, so pretty old and cheap, but still...)

Comment Re:Moral Panic (Score 1) 490 490

I'm in agreement with most of your statements, however I'd like to rationalize the "Man make more than Woman" statement a bit more. Most serious research on this takes into account equal pay/time/degree/responsibility/job level/etc... So it's not like they're comparing women on a 4/5th or part-time schedule earning less than men on a full schedule for the same job. Really, if you filter out all that smoke women are still earning significantly less than men. Those are the facts.

As far as making "girly science kits", that's complete BS to me. Real Science is hard. No amount of sugarcoating is going to make the Maxwell Equations simple to the general populace. Also, in some sciences women already quite outnumber men ( Biology, Bio engineering, Bio Medical Sciences, ...). In Europe there are 25% more women in College than men. In Eastern Europe it's actually 50% more women than men!

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