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tomhudson's Journal: The "Great Migration" continues 2

Journal by tomhudson

Migrating mail from KMail is a bit of a problem, since it no longer is able to either use the mbox format, nor can it export to it. A cross-platform choice such as Opera or Thunderbird, however, won't import maildir folders.

So, what you need is a little perl script from here - just download the updated version from the link on the page, edit the lines that describe the source directory: eg /home/barbara/.kde4/share/apps/kmail/mail for the source directory, and /home/barbara/maildir2mbox for the destination directory.

One side benefit of switching to mbox format is that you won't waste so much drive space. On a drive with 4k file sector sizes, the average "slop" lost per file is 2k, moving 20,000 messages to 20 files should save, on average, almost 50 megs (plus it's a lot quicker to open 20 files than it is to open 20,000 files).

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The "Great Migration" continues

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    • by tomhudson (43916)

      Sorry ... it happens :-)

      It's become painfully obvious that things aren't going to change unless we "vote with our feet." Otherwise, we're just taken for granted, or, as in the case of Ubuntu users, used to build up mindshare and credibility, then cast aside to chase the next "shiny".

      So much attention is being paid, by all the distros, and by projects such as Firefox, to appearance and stuffing in more "me-too" features, and everything else has either stood still (or in the case of performance, gone ba

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