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tomhudson's Journal: Missed deadlines coming up! Or I go blind. Pick one ... 6

Journal by tomhudson
After 2 more days of silliness from the customer, I'm calling a halt to the stupidity.

The boss is going to be upset, to say the least, but the customer has to bear the responsibility for this. 2 days before they're supposed to go live, they have only BEGUN to test the app? After blowing the last 2 days on nonsense? And they want MORE changes?

It's simply not going to happen. And I'm not going to put in 16 and 24-hour days in a foolish attempt to make it happen. It's bad enough that my left eyeball started bleeding inside from a previous 30-hour stint for them, and hasn't completely cleared up yet ... it was almost completely healed a few days ago, and it's now leaking again.

Sorry, but my eye-sight is simply not worth the risk. Time for me to concentrate on staying calm, relaxed, organized, and tackle the tasks one at a time at a reasonable pace. If it takes a week, it takes a week - not a 40-hour stint shoe-horned inside the regular Monday-to-Friday routine.

I guess I really should see a doctor about it ... but I just know they're going to give me heck for not coming in when it first hemorrhaged. Oh well, I'll go on the weekend. Maybe they'll be too busy to waste time telling me what I already know :-)

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Missed deadlines coming up! Or I go blind. Pick one ...

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  • Keep your resume updated and jump ship at your very first opportunity.

  • A (fictional, doesn't keep him from being right) Vulcan friend of mine used to say "There are always... possibilities."
    My question, what's it going to take before you realize that your best boss and your best employee are the same person you see in the mirror every morning?

  • Eyesight is no laughing matter... I've NEVER heard of anyone bleeding from their eyes because of too much strain on them.
    • by tomhudson (43916)
      Too much stress for too long will do that - it causes blood vessels in the retina to leak, causing "floaters", and then all sorts of "fun stuff".

      And to top it off, at 5am I see that stupid retarded cpanel thinks the mysql server failed. It hadn't.

      So, on the list of things to do today is to wipe down the server to get rid of centos and cpanel, and install opensuse without the cpanel crap.

      The issue is with cpanel, but I might as well change the os at the same time.

  • Yeah, it's time to set some boundries. The important thing is that your boss understands that the deadlines are not possible. I once had to tell my boss that what they wanted wasn't going to happen. Some things are just not physically possible. Make sure they know about the bleeding eye, too. I don't know that you wacky Kanucks have the same tangled mess of Worker's Comp that we have down here, but I'm sure "Liability" means something to them.

    Good luck!

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