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Eclipse vs NetBeans - which one do you prefer? Why?

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  • I've been running Xcode at the office, even though I'm doing pure Java development, solely because it's the only modern IDE I know particularly well. When I started my current job last summer, I wanted to get up and running quickly with the (unknown to me) codebase, and not waste a lot of time learning a new IDE (I spent a day setting up Eclipse, but didn't like the Subversion integration and some other UI elements).

    Now that it's been ten months and I'm moving over to being a project lead (tomorrow!), I'v

    • by FortKnox (169099) *
      IntelliJ is definitely the cream of the crop when talking about it and eclipse and netbeans... the problem is the latter two are free, but IntelliJ is hundreds of dollars...
  • ... I prefer eclipse. Netbeans has some nice wizards, but eclipse I feel is more polished and has far more plugins to help with the coding.
    • by FroMan (111520)

      I'll second eclipse.

      I used to be a plain text editor guy, but eclipse has brought me around. It is over all a fantastic environment. Getting up and running is simple as importing your project, which works pretty well.

      Some common short cuts which I use every day.

      ctrl-shift-m -> import class (that the cursor is on)
      ctrl-shift-f -> format
      ctrl-space -> list members and methods (instead of doing this)
      f3 (on a function call) -> zoom to implementation (works great when you have the source for you depe

      • by FortKnox (169099) *
        eclemma is probably what you are talking about witht he emma/junit.
        I'm also a fan of 'findBugs' for statistical analysis and I use Q4E for Maven2 integration.
        Also, 'extract method' is a great refactoring thing to know... and you can make it so saves automatically organize imports and format the code...
  • Anything for Java. Try them both, then just use vim and a makefile like a man.

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