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Submission + - SPAM: Luscious Latvia: Specials things are waiting for you

carrycalvin writes: Tucked between Estonia to the north and Lithuania to the south, Latvia a north European country laden with stimulating fixings. Thick green foliage forms the Gauja Valley of pines; beautiful domed cathedrals decorate the local towns and spicy Riga adds an extra zing as the countryâ(TM)s cosmopolitan nexus and the unofficial capital of the entire Baltic. This country is beneath the radar profile makes it the perfect pit stop for those seeking something a bit more authentic than the overrun tourist hubs further afield.
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Submission + - Asexuals: A Growing Population?

An anonymous reader writes: About 1 percent, or 70 million, of people worldwide belong to what researchers are now calling the 'fourth sexual orientation,' a small but often misunderstood and often overlooked group of 'asexual' men and women who feel absolutely no sexual attraction to other people.

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