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Comment Re:Battery and solar panel technology advances (Score 3, Informative) 34 34

The record for an unpowered glider is 56 hours. He probably could have stayed up longer but the pilot was exhausted.

TFA is a record for "solar powered flight of an unmanned autonomous aircraft", which really tells me the autonomous part is getting better, the solar powered part is just for show

Submission + - James Jude, MD Co-inventor of CPR dies at 87->

voxelman writes: Jim Jude, my uncle, was a kind and modest man. The impact of his insight into the significance of a change in blood pressure from the application of defibrillation paddles to a dog's chest has led to the saving of millions of lives through cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). His passing is a release from a debilitating illness that made a mockery of his contributions to medical science. He will be missed by all that knew him.
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Submission + - Britain shuts off 750,000 streetlights with no impact on crime or crashes->

Flash Modin writes: English cities are hard up for cash as the national government dolls out cuts. And in response, the country's councils — local governing bodies — have slashed costs by turning off an estimated 750,000 streetlights. Fans of the night sky and reduced energy usage are happy, but the move has also sparked a national debate. The Automobile Association claims six people have died as a direct result of dimming the lights. But a new study released Wednesday looked at 14 years of data from 63 local authorities across England and Wales and found that residents' chances of being attacked, robbed, or struck by a car were no worse on the darker streets.
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Comment Re:Faa rules for RC planes (Score 1) 1173 1173

It was clearly under 400 feet. First - a shotgun wouldn't take it down from a range of over 100 yards. Second - the neighbor said it dropped low enough to peek under the patio roof.

The drone operator's claim that he was taking pictures of a buddy's house is total BS, he was spying on people in their backyards

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