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Comment Re:Not one percent (Score 1) 175

Actually they didn't comparit it to anything, just made an empty statement.

The result of those moves are the new panels that Rive is unveiling today, which will produce at least 30% more power, while reducing the cost of installing solar panels on one’s roof by between 20 and 30 cents per watt.

30% more power than what?

Submission This machine produces the largest humanmade waves in the world->

sciencehabit writes: Dutch scientists are making waves—big ones. A new experimental facility at Deltares, a research institute here, has begun producing the largest humanmade waves in the world. Like kids building sandcastles below the tideline on the beach, scientists will let the walls of water crash on dikes of different designs and other structures—sometimes until they're destroyed.
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Journal Journal: Back to coding, doing something I haven't done before 4

Does anybody know of a good Javascript, .NET, or HTML5 (or combination of the three) library for doing a user-customizable widget grid?

I've seen it done enough that this *should* be a readily available control, but I don't seem to be able to find one with my first three rounds of google searching, I'm probably calling it the wrong thing.

What I want is to be able to configure a user's home page on the website with their choice & order of several widgets.

Comment Re:COCOMO calculation and its drawbacks (Score 2) 146

That it's overcounting old code, or undercounting newer C99/C11 code, or that the man-hour estimates for post-1981 languages aren't up to date?

All of the them. COCOMO says "tell me how many lines of code there will be in project and how many LOC/HR your developers will write and I'll tell you how long it will take". Well, duh.

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