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Comment: Re: It Has Begun! (Score 1) 43

by tomhath (#49502437) Attached to: Resistance To Antibiotics Found In Isolated Amazonian Tribe

A far more plausible answer is what the researchers concluded: microbes are in a constant battle with each other, one develops a toxin to kill a second, the second develops resistance to that toxin.

The genes they found are naturally occurring and are the same genes bacteria use to develop resistance to the antibiotics we use. It would have been far more surprising if the bacteria didn't carry those genes.

+ - Can High Intelligence Be A Burden Rather Than A Boon?

Submitted by (3830033) writes "David Robson has an interesting article at BBC on the relationship between high intelligence and happiness. "We tend to think of geniuses as being plagued by existential angst, frustration, and loneliness," writes Robson. Think of Virginia Woolf, Alan Turing, or Lisa Simpson – lone stars, isolated even as they burn their brightest." As Ernest Hemingway wrote: “Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know.” The first steps to studying the question were taken in 1926 when psychologist Lewis Terman decided to identify and study a group of gifted children. Terman selected 1,500 pupils with an IQ of 140 or more – 80 of whom had IQs above 170. Together, they became known as the “Termites”, and the highs and lows of their lives are still being studied to this day.

As you might expect, many of the Termites did achieve wealth and fame – most notably Jess Oppenheimer, the writer of the classic 1950s sitcom I Love Lucy. Indeed, by the time his series aired on CBS, the Termites’ average salary was twice that of the average white-collar job. But not all the group met Terman’s expectations – there were many who pursued more “humble” professions such as police officers, seafarers, and typists. For this reason, Terman concluded that “intellect and achievement are far from perfectly correlated”. Nor did their smarts endow personal happiness. Over the course of their lives, levels of divorce, alcoholism and suicide were about the same as the national average.

According to Robson, one possibility is that knowledge of your talents becomes something of a ball and chain. During the 1990s, the surviving Termites were asked to look back at the events in their 80-year lifespan. Rather than basking in their successes, many reported that they had been plagued by the sense that they had somehow failed to live up to their youthful expectations (PDF)."

Comment: Re:Facts, find them! (Score 1) 295

by tomhath (#49499737) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

I've never watched his show, so I visited his web site and watched his slideshow on GMO food. Here are quotes from it and my impressions:

Slide 1 of 7 starts with a discussion of hybrids

these practices were limited to combining the traits of organisms only within the same species

Wrong. Hybridizing across species is common, e.g. a Mule is a cross between a horse and a donkey.

Slide 2 of 7 titled "Advantages" it starts with a short discussion of why GMO foods were created but slips in a zinger

There have been a great number of studies tracking the effects of GMOs on animals. Most of these studies indicate that GMOs are safe to consume.

Fear mongering much? Some studies show GMO foods are NOT SAFE TO CONSUME??? OMG!

Slide 3 of 7 downside of GMO food

Researchers fear that the health risks may include: exposure to allergens, antibiotic resistance, endocrine disruption, reproductive disorders and accelerated aging.

Researchers "fear"? What did their research actually conclude? More fear mongering with no facts.

Slide 4 of 7 - titled "What Should I Look Out For? "

it is particularly important to avoid packaged foods with corn and soy if you are trying to cut GMOs out of your family’s diet

Without coming right out and saying you should avoid GMO food, he launches into instructions on how to avoid them. The assumption is obvious.

Slide 5 of 7 - titled "How Can I Avoid GMOs? "

it is difficult for consumers to make educated choices about the foods they are purchasing

Essentially a repeat of Slide 4, I assume this is to reinforce the implied message. Also leads into Slide 6...

Slide 6 of 7 - titled "Are GMOs Labeled?

Many companies like Whole Foods have partnered with the Non-GMO Project to undergo extensive third-party verification over their non-GMO claims. The Non-GMO Project is the only North American organization offering independent testing and GMO controls

The first sentence in that quote doesn't seem to go with the second. But this is mostly a continuation of slides 4 and 5 - he doesn't say you should avoid GMO but he gives detailed instructions on avoiding GMO.

Slide 7 - there really isn't a slide 7 - this is all advertising.

+ - The irony of depression: triple the work load ->

Submitted by Doahh
Doahh (4069393) writes "The great irony of depression is that you feel you have to work so much harder than anyone else. You may feel you need to hide your pains while at the same time feeling totally isolated and ill. You may need to find your own coping mechanisms without any support from society. This all feels massively unfair and unbalanced. The problem is that you have no choice but to try to cope. Where can you find the motivation to carry on?"
Link to Original Source

Comment: Re:Those who ignore the past... (Score 1) 46

I read TFA and the author completely misses the issue

The author didn't miss the issue. The issue was whether an employer can get patient data from hospitals all over the country for their employees. The technology is there, that's what HL2 does; I've worked on a few similar systems - it's a hassle but it can be done (although Imaging seems to be a bigger hassle). As the author points out, the real problem is getting that HL7 feed turned on. The NFL has enough money and clout to make it happen.

You bring up the unrelated issue of whether the federal government should be collecting all of that patient data. Congress could pass a law requiring it, but they won't for the reasons you list.

+ - Resistance to antibiotics found in isolated Amazonian tribe->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "When scientists first made contact with an isolated village of Yanomami hunter-gatherers in the remote mountains of the Amazon jungle of Venezuela in 2009, they marveled at the chance to study the health of people who had never been exposed to Western medicine or diets. But much to their surprise, these Yanomami’s gut bacteria have already evolved a diverse array of antibiotic-resistance genes, according to a new study, even though these mountain people had never ingested antibiotics or animals raised with drugs. The find suggests that microbes have long evolved the capability to fight toxins, including antibiotics, and that preventing drug resistance may be harder than scientists thought."
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Comment: Re:Just staggering... (Score 1) 172

After forty years of service it wouldn't be cost effective to overhaul it. Just removing all the tons of asbestos in those old ships is a huge problem. Plus all the electronic equipment, hydraulics, plumbing, wiring...pretty much everything inside the hull...would have to be replaced.

Comment: Re:So (Score 1, Offtopic) 172

You only see the projects that were completed; there were plenty of others that were never started for various reasons. But even today there are may Megaprojects planned or in work. Granted, many of these are outside the US but not all of them.

That said, your comment is off topic. Sinking an obsolete aircraft carrier after blowing the crap out of it with a couple of atomic bombs hardly qualifies as something that was done "for the betterment of people".

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