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+ - Blame IBM for Ctrl Alt Delete says Bill Gates .->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "MICROSOFT CHAIRMAN Bill Gates has admitted that using a multi-button action to reboot or login to a PC, call up a Windows task manager or arrest a hang was a mistake.

Gates was speaking at Harvard University when he blamed IBM for the decision to use Crtl Alt Delete to reboot a PC."

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+ - Locating Malaysian Flight MH370: Technical details from the Satellite Operator->

Submitted by highways
highways (1382025) writes "So just how did they narrow the flight path of doomed Malaysian Flight MH370 to being several thousand kilometers to the west of Australia?

New details have been published as an open-access paper in the peer-reviewed Journal of Navigation by engineers from Inmarsat, the satellite picking up periodic "handshakes" from the flight.

For those that like a few more facts and data than your average cable news viewer, this paper is for you. It goes into the details on how the handshake signals were processed to obtain a likely trajectory."

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+ - Scary and Funny Recruitment Stuff->

Submitted by goldbeck
goldbeck (3716547) writes "Top 5 Scariest Things We’ve Seen Looking for the Perfect Candidate

Over the past few years, our recruiters here at Goldbeck Recruiting have seen thousands of resumes. Sometimes there are resumes that catch them by surprise. Today in the spirit of Halloween, we list the top 5 scariest things our recruiters have seen in their search for the perfect candidate:

1. Black and White Mugshot
When I asked Henry to tell me about his experiences, his face turned white in fear as he recollected this one resume he received on a cold winter morning. The cover page of the resume happened to have the candidates passport sized photo in black and white – which was eerily similar to a Bella Lugosi’s mugshot and the caption below stating “Not Actual Size”. Henry said ” That could stir nightmares, some 6 foot tall, deathly white, candidate with a little tiny head, chasing me around my desk.” To be honest, I’d be a little scared too.

2. The Serious Case of Acronyms
Kevin- our senior recruiter for Engineering and Technical placements mentions how certain candidates feel the need to add all sorts of technical acronyms which for some reason makes him hungry since it reminds him of alphabet soups. So there’s a pro tip for all you technical candidates out there, avoid acronyms as much as you can and perhaps explains them too. This makes it easier for the recruiter to scan through your resume to pick out skills that make you shine above the rest.

3. Skeletons in my Closet
Alessia states how in her past experiences she’s seen few resumes that have notes that say – “Please do not misinterpret the fact that I changed 14 jobs. I have never resigned from a job.” – this clearly raises a red flag and makes the recruiter wonder why. Well, as curious as Alessia is, she did some digging only to find out the candidate was in fact unreliable. Alessia then remembered another candidate who mentioned that he had NO possible references despite having worked in an professional environment for the past 5 years. This rose the question : ” Do you have any skeletons in the closet?” – I suppose that would have been perfect for Halloween.

4. Ghost of Document Formatting.
Karen is one of our most experienced and seasoned recruiters here at Goldbeck – she has seen quite a few scary resumes and is startled at the sight of one till date. She believes that building a visually appealing resume isn’t hard in today’s technological world. The use of subtle colours, text formatting like bold, italics helps guide the eye to the more important information. Use them ! Also remember to focus on mentioning your real skills and achievements over the fluffy things about your personality and what you do in your spare time.

5. The Spooky Perfectionist.
Ria is one of our other seasoned recruiters, she has often come across candidates who apply to every job in every industry and claim to be the perfect match. Ria and all our other recruiters won’t even touch a candidate like this and move past them. Remember, use your skills to your advantage and it is only then you will achieve what you seek.

BONUS – The Headless Horseman.
I think this is a story that is fitting and too good to not share, so here it goes. Henry once recieved a Voice Mail from a candidate in Texas where the gentleman exclaimed his disappointment in Henry because he wasn’t able to secure a job for the gentleman. Soon this disappointment turned into anger and the candidate vowed to show up with a shotgun and blow Henry’s head off. Now we’re all glad this never happened although it would’ve made for the perfect Halloween costume of the Headless Horseman."

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Comment: Re:Welp, sold (Score 1) 284

by tomhath (#48434251) Attached to: Google Launches Service To Replace Web Ads With Subscriptions

Yea, it's not clear from the linked articles if you contributing more means the site gets more, or whether you get to visit more sites ad free before your contribution runs out.

Plus, a site would have to disable all advertising in order to make it worthwhile. Getting rid of half the ads and replacing them with other annoyances won't fly

+ - The Big Book of Postgres - Documenting PostgreSQL

Submitted by RaDag
RaDag (3455045) writes "PostgreSQL users regularly rave about the high quality of Postgres' documentation. From his front row seat, community member Thom Brown wrote a blog on his experiences with the documentation efforts. He discusses key changes he made, like introducing cross-references, a snazzy redesign and moving queries to an open dialogue to get better comments, that have helped make PostgreSQL documentation, in the words of one blogger, a thing of beauty."

+ - Fish tagged for research become lunch for gray seals->

Submitted by sciencehabit
sciencehabit (1205606) writes "When scientists slap an acoustic tag on a fish, they may be inadvertently helping seals find their next meal. The tags, rods a few centimeters long that give off a ping that can be detected from up to a kilometer away, are often used to follow fish for studies on their migration, hunting, or survival rates. Researchers working with 10 gray seals (Halichoerus grypus) who were captive for a year have now reported that the animals—including the female seal pictured above, named Janice—can learn to associate the pings with food. If the findings hold true in the wild, the authors warn, they could skew the results of studies trying to analyze fish survival rates or predation."
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