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Submission + - Banks Beware: the Impact of PSD2 and XS2A—Accelerating Digital Disruption (

GMC Software writes: PSD2 & XS2A regulations will accelerate technology disruption of incumbent banks by enabling agile and innovative Third Party Providers (TPPs). PSD2 & XS2A are not only about the payments but all aspects of the legacy banking model as customer account information is also in scope of this change. A set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) will allow all Payment Initiation Service Providers (PISPs) and Account Information Service Providers (AISPs) to connect to Account Servicing Payment Service Providers (AS PSP) in a secure and effective way

Feed Google News Sci Tech: Bacteria Discovered In Deep Sea Is Capable Of Neutralizing Industrial - Rapid News Network (

Rapid News Network

Bacteria Discovered In Deep Sea Is Capable Of Neutralizing Industrial
Rapid News Network
A recent study conducted by a group of researcher from University of Florida stated that a type of bacteria plucked from the bottom of the ocean could play a fantastic role in this fiasco by neutralizing large amounts of industrial carbon dioxide ...
Deep-sea bacteria could help neutralize industrial carbon dioxide: StudyNorthern Californian
Deep-Sea Bacteria May Neutralize Greenhouse Gases by Storing Carbon DioxideSteelers Lounge (blog)
Deep-sea bacteria could neutralize greenhouse gasThe IUSB Preface
Immortal News-Pulse Headlines-NYC Today
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Submission + - 9 Bad Programming Habits We Secretly Love

snydeq writes: Breaking the rules can bring a little thrill — and sometimes produce better, more efficient code. From the article: 'The rules are more often guidelines or stylistic suggestions, not hard-and-fast rules that must be obeyed or code death will follow. Sure, your code might be ridiculed, possibly even publicly, but the fact that you’re bucking conventions adds a little bit of the thrill to subverting, even inadvertently, what amounts more often than not to the social mores of pleasant code. To make matters more complex, sometimes it's better to break the rules. (Shhhh!) The code comes out cleaner. It may even be faster and simpler.'
User Journal

Journal Journal: Back to coding, doing something I haven't done before 6

Does anybody know of a good Javascript, .NET, or HTML5 (or combination of the three) library for doing a user-customizable widget grid?

I've seen it done enough that this *should* be a readily available control, but I don't seem to be able to find one with my first three rounds of google searching, I'm probably calling it the wrong thing.

What I want is to be able to configure a user's home page on the website with their choice & order of several widgets.

Submission + - Ice-Age fossils unearthed at construction site in California

An anonymous reader writes: Constructions workers in Carlsbad, CA. have recently discovered Ice Age mammoth and prehistoric bison fossils during an excavation. The fossils were taken to the San Diego Museum of Natural History for examination and storage. “The bison fossil, which includes a skull and partial skeleton, is the most unusual and probably the most complete of the larger animals found at the project site. These are big animals, much larger than modern plains bison,” said curator of paleontology at the San Diego Museum of Natural History, Tom Deméré.

Submission + - Here Are The Top 10 Programming Languages Used On GitHub

An anonymous reader writes: GitHub today shared a closer look at how the popularity of programming languages used on its code collaboration website has changed over the years. In short, the graph above shows the change in rank for programming languages since GitHub launched in 2008 all the way to what the site’s 10 million users are using for coding today. To be clear, this graph doesn’t show the definitive top 10 programming languages. Because GitHub has become so popular (even causing Google Code to shut down), however, it still paints a fairly accurate picture of programming trends over recent years.

Trend lines aside, here are the top 10 programming languages on GitHub today:

Submission + - NASA's New Horizons focuses on Pluto's largest moon Charon (

MarkWhittington writes: New Horizons has already discovered much of what was previously unknown about Pluto, the dwarf planet that is the former ninth planet from the sun. NASA reported that the space probe has also uncovered some of the secrets of Pluto’s largest moon, Charon. It has found indications of impact craters on the moon’s gray surface as well as a chasm that seems to be bigger than the Grand Canyon on Earth. Charon has a diameter of just 1440 miles. Bu contrast, Earth has a diameter of 7918 miles.

Submission + - ELIoT, distributed programming for the Internet of Things

descubes writes: ELIoT (Extensible Language for the Internet of Things) is a new programming language designed to facilitate distributed programming. A code sample with less than 20 lines of code looks like a single program, but really runs on three different computers to collect temperature measurements and report when they differ. ELIoT transforms a simple sensor API into a rich, remotely-programmable API, giving your application the opportunity to optimize energy usage and minimize network traffic.

Using less resources than Bash, and capable of serving hundred of clients easily on a Raspberry Pi, ELIoT transparently sends program fragments around, but also the data they need to function, e.g. variable values or function definitions. This is possible because, like in Lisp, programs are data. ELIoT has no keywords, and program constructs such as loops or if-then-else are defined in the library rather than in the language. This makes the language very flexible and extensible, so that you can adapt it to the needs of your application.

The project is still very young (published last week), and is looking for talented developers interested in distributed programming, programming languages or language design.

Submission + - Are cats only semi-domesticated? (

sciencehabit writes: If you own a cat, you know they still retain a fair amount of their wild ancestry. But are they less domesticated than dogs, sheep, and other animals? Scientists have been debating the question for decades. The conclusion could have profound implications for our relationship with the world's most popular pet.

Submission + - Pilot error caused Air Algerie crash .. (

An anonymous reader writes: 'Two judges .. found the "failure to activate the anti-icing system" of the plane's motors was the main cause of the crash .. the McDonnell Douglas 83 jet ran into trouble after the crew did not activate the system, causing the failure of certain sensors.'

"As of February 2013, the MD-80 series has been involved in 61 incidents, including 31 hull-loss accidents, with 1,330 fatalities of occupants." ref

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