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Comment Re:Normal human translation (Score 1) 496 496

Have you ever actually looked at how much oil companies pay in taxes each year? Exxon has topped the list for a long time, but the other big oil companies are right up there.

. Exxon Mobil > Income tax expense: $31.0 billion
> Earnings before taxes: $78.7 billion (the most)
> Revenue: $428.4 billion (2nd most)
> 1-yr. share price change: +14.5%
> Industry: Oil and gas

Exxon Mobil is one of the nation’s largest companies by a number of measures. The oil and gas titan trails only Walmart in revenue and has the highest pre-tax income of any American public company. Not surprisingly, Exxon Mobil also pays more in taxes than any other corporation.

Comment Export of contacts is their prodict (Score 4, Interesting) 41 41

removal of the regular download option had been "part of our ongoing efforts to combat the inappropriate export of member data by third parties." As a result of the vocal outpouring of disapproval, instant CSV exporting is back...

I have to wonder who outpoured disapproval? It doesn't seem like something most users would care about.

On the other hand, headhunters who use LinkedIn as a site for harvesting resumes would be angry. But isn't that the whole point of LinkedIn? To give recruiters your contact info so they can spam you?

It wouldn't surprise me if this was just a publicity stunt.

Comment Re:Yep, keep searching (Score 1) 421 421

So, please do show us what law she's disregarding.

Did she break the law? Probably. Did she disregard the law? Almost certainly. But the fact that she apparently destroyed any incriminating evidence (if there was any) makes that difficult to prove. To main point is that she was not the one to decide what should be archived and what should be destroyed.

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