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Comment Regeneration (Score 3, Interesting) 213


They think that about 5 billion new trees are planted or sprout annually, yielding a net loss of 10 billion

They don't say where that number came from, most likely pulled from someplace where the Sun doesn't shine. When a section of forest is cleared either by cutting or burning the ground is soon covered in tree sprouts. Take a look at regeneration in Yellowstone National Park after the fires burned about 1/3 of it in the late 80's.

Submission + - TV Execs Say There is Simply Too Much New Programming on Television writes: John Koblin writes in the NYT that there’s a malaise in TV these days that’s felt among executives, viewers and critics, and it’s the result of one thing: There is simply too much on television. John Landgraf, chief executive of FX Networks, reported at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour that the total number of original scripted series on TV in 2014 was 371 and will surpass 400 in 2015. The glut, according to Landgraf, has presented “a huge challenge in finding compelling original stories and the level of talent needed to sustain those stories.” Michael Lombardo, president of programming at HBO. says it is harder than ever to build an audience for a show when viewers are confronted with so many choices and might click away at any moment. “I hear it all the time,” says Lombardo. “People going, ‘I can’t commit to another show, and I don’t have the time to emotionally commit to another show.’ I hear that, and I’m aware of it, and I get it.” Another complication is that shows not only compete against one another, but also against old series that live on in the archives of Amazon, Hulu or Netflix. So a new season of “Scandal,” for example, is also competing against old series like “The Wire.” "The amount of competition is just literally insane," says Landgraf.

Others point out that the explosion in programming has created more opportunity for shows with diverse casts and topics, such as “Jane the Virgin,” “Transparent” and “Orange Is the New Black.” Marti Noxon, the showrunner for Lifetime’s “UnREAL” and Bravo’s “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce,” says there has been a “sea change” in the last five years. “I couldn’t have gotten those two shows on TV five years ago,” says Noxon. “There was not enough opportunity for voices that speak to a smaller audience. Now many of these places are looking to reach some people — not all the people. That’s opened up a tremendous opportunity for women and other people that have been left out of the conversation.”

Comment Re:"On Record" (Score 1) 292

Forget geological time. Until the mid-60's very little hurricane data was collected. But the point is well taken, it's rare to see three Cat 4 hurricanes in the Pacific at the same time, but it could have happened several times in the 20th century and we had no way of knowing.

Comment Re:When we say "tech industry" ... (Score 2) 129

First, donating to politicians to advance one's own agenda is a sold as politics. It's not like these guys (COE or otherwise) are doing anything new.

Second, it the "thousands of people" have a different agenda they can (and do) contribute.

It's also not clear what Ellison's agenda really is here; maybe H1b, maybe immigration, maybe something else that has nothing to do with Oracle. Who knows?

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