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Submission + - James Jude, MD Co-inventor of CPR dies at 87->

voxelman writes: Jim Jude, my uncle, was a kind and modest man. The impact of his insight into the significance of a change in blood pressure from the application of defibrillation paddles to a dog's chest has led to the saving of millions of lives through cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). His passing is a release from a debilitating illness that made a mockery of his contributions to medical science. He will be missed by all that knew him.
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Submission + - Britain shuts off 750,000 streetlights with no impact on crime or crashes->

Flash Modin writes: English cities are hard up for cash as the national government dolls out cuts. And in response, the country's councils — local governing bodies — have slashed costs by turning off an estimated 750,000 streetlights. Fans of the night sky and reduced energy usage are happy, but the move has also sparked a national debate. The Automobile Association claims six people have died as a direct result of dimming the lights. But a new study released Wednesday looked at 14 years of data from 63 local authorities across England and Wales and found that residents' chances of being attacked, robbed, or struck by a car were no worse on the darker streets.
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Comment Re:Faa rules for RC planes (Score 1) 1167 1167

It was clearly under 400 feet. First - a shotgun wouldn't take it down from a range of over 100 yards. Second - the neighbor said it dropped low enough to peek under the patio roof.

The drone operator's claim that he was taking pictures of a buddy's house is total BS, he was spying on people in their backyards

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