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+ - Babies use fairness and race to choose playmate->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "A couple of years ago a University of Washington researcher who studies how children develop social behaviors like kindness and generosity noticed something odd. The 15-month-old infants in her experiments seemed to be playing favorites among the researchers on her team, being more inclined to share toys or play with some researchers than others.

“It’s not like one experimenter was nicer or friendlier to the babies – we control for factors like that,” said Jessica Sommerville, a UW associate professor of psychology. She took a closer look at the data and realized that the babies were more likely to help researchers who shared the same ethnicity, a phenomenon known as in-group bias, or favoring people who have the same characteristics as oneself.

She designed an experiment to study this. The findings, published in the online journal Frontiers in Psychology, show that 15-month-old babies value a person’s fairness – whether or not an experimenter equally distributes toys – unless babies see that the experimenter unevenly distributed toys in a way that benefits a person of the same race as the infant."

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+ - Would Amazon Dare To Make A Phone? Of Course->

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jfruh (300774) writes "'So-and-so is about to release a smartphone' is one of the oldest tech rumors around, and most of the time nothing comes of it. But Stephen Lawson of the IDG News Service argues that if anyone non-phonemaker were going to dip their toes into that treacherous water, it'd be Amazon. The company hasn't been afraid to take on incumbents in the tablet and TV set-top box markets, and the financial rewards for breaking out of the content ecosystem imposed by other providers are too great to ignore."
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Comment: Re:Do you even know why you eat prawns? (Score 1) 115

by tomhath (#46733033) Attached to: CSIRO Scientists' Aquaculture Holy Grail: Fish-Free Prawn Food

If everybody else in the world was vegan...

But they're not. People are omnivores with big energy and protein requirements, especially when young and growing. Calorie and protein rich foods like meat and seafood are highly desirable components of a human's diet. Deal with it.

Comment: Re:One thing that jumps out at me (Score 2) 115

by tomhath (#46732993) Attached to: CSIRO Scientists' Aquaculture Holy Grail: Fish-Free Prawn Food

It's replacing wild caught fish that are ground up and used for feed with farm raised plankton that are compressed into pellets.

Two obvious benefits are 1) raising the plankton is much more sustainable than catching wild fish, and 2) the plankton is apparently a better diet for the shrimp.

It wouldn't surprise me if that plankton also makes a good protein supplement for non-marine animals like chickens. Maybe even cut out the middleman/shrimp/chicken and feed it directly to people.

Comment: What the bill really is doing (Score 2) 32

The NTIS was established before the internet made information easy to find and download. Back in the day it made sense to provide that service; NTIS was self-funded by the modest fees it charged. But times have changed; today it's a dinosaur agency that provides no value, loses money and should be sunset. Here's a better summary of what's going on.

+ - The New 'One Microsoft' Is Finally Poised For The Future->

Submitted by redletterdave
redletterdave (2493036) writes "The stodgy old enterprise company whose former CEO once called open source Linux a "cancer" is gone. So is its notorious tendency to keep developers and consumers within its walled gardens. The "One Microsoft" goal that looked like more gaseous corporate rhetoric upon its debut last summer now is instead much closer to actual reality. No longer are there different kernels for Windows 8, Windows Phone or Windows RT it's now all just One Windows. As goes the Windows kernel, so goes the entire company. Microsoft finally appears to have aimed all its guns outside the company rather than at internal rivals. Now it needs to rebuild its empire upon this new reality."
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Comment: Re:$108 million penalty (Score 1) 139

Yes, what they did was wrong according to US law. But it says more about how business is conducted in the other countries. HP had to choose between abandoning those markets or trying to get away with playing by the local rules. Now the SEC is slapping them with a ritual fine to show how shocked, yes shocked they are to learn this kind of thing is going on.

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