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Comment Ice hockey (Score 1) 39

The only sport I can think of that's non-stop action is ice hockey. Even soccer and basketball are spurts of action between a lot of passing and positioning.

But here's an interesting question. Would AI be able to make any sense of the commentator whispering while covering a golf tournament?

Comment Brutal abuse of statistics (Score 5, Informative) 491

There is a strong selection bias - mostly they were reviewing the backgrounds of political prisoners and terrorist leadership, not the majority of the foot soldiers.

In addition, from the linked pdf file:

Only 33 cases out of a sample of 259 could be confirmed as having been to university. And for only 22 of them, we knew the exact subject. So they’re much more the kind of relatively socially marginal lumpen class that you would expect Islamists to be recruited from in the West. And among those few people who have a degree, and the 22 where we know which degree they have, a full 13 are actually engineers. So almost two-thirds of Western-based radical militant islamists turned out to be engineers.

How can they extrapolate that "almost two-thirds of Western-based radical militant islamists turned out to be engineers"? All they know is that 13 of the 259 they reviewed had degrees in engineering subjects.

Comment usenet lists (Score 4, Insightful) 169

The complaints remind me of the old usenet groups, especially C and perl programming. A few people appointed themselves to be the arbiters of what could be posted, and flamed anyone who didn't meet their personal standards.

On the other hand, take away that moderation and the site quickly degenerates into what /. has become. Given the choice, I'll take StackOverflow the way it is.

Comment Horsefeathers (Score 1) 161

Political nonsense comments aside, this reminds me of when a few companies were prosecuted for claiming the garments they sold contained goose down, when they actually contained feathers. The official said it would be okay if the jackets were be filled with 100% horse feathers as long as that was what the label said.

Comment Pay vs. Benefits (Score 1) 113

Contractors need to realize that they already get healthcare, retirement, sick days, etc., it's just that they need to manage them. The company manages some or all of those things for employees, but if a contractor wants the company to manage it for them there will be a commensurate cut in pay. It really is that simple

Comment Re:Because today's technology require it so (Score 1) 84

Most of the world's oceans are already covered with cables and microphones. All countries who care already have a general idea of where the subs are located. What's needed is a platform that can navigate to that vicinity and track the sub with enough accuracy to destroy it. That's the job of destroyers today, but they don't do it very well against modern subs.

It is easier to change the specification to fit the program than vice versa.