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Comment Prove That Age Discrimination Is Foolish (Score 1) 592

It seems to be the consensus among some that although discrimination on the basis of age is illegal, it happens.

I personally enjoy learning the new technologies, getting into the details, solving the problems, and fixing things. In my mind, programming is more like playing music than sports, and although some older musicians may lack energy and tenacity, there are plenty of examples of older artists (the Rolling Stones come to mind) who continue to be productive despite "the odds."

I can see myself as a mentor or teacher but not a manager, and would like to prove to those who practice agism with respect to technical types that they hurt only themselves.

The only way to do that, of course, is to - quietly if possible, because I feel humility is essential to continued growth in such a rapidly-changing industry - do my best to do work that is as good if not better than those who are less experienced. And when I meet someone younger who really knows their stuff, then most definitely it's important to have the humility to learn from them!


Obama Staffers Followed Palin's Email Lead On Inauguration Day 407

theodp writes "Using Yahoo's free e-mail service to conduct government business was good enough for Sarah Palin. And now the Washington Times reports that Obama staffers turned to Gmail on Inauguration Day to conduct their business. Those wishing to contact members of the incoming Obama administration were instructed to contact staffers at until official White House e-mail addresses became available."

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