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Comment: Re:How common is IR arming remotes? (Score 0) 153

by tomboalogo (#44843629) Attached to: $20 'Toy' Deactivates Cheap Home Alarms, Opens Doors
Yeah sorry that is exactly how "rolling code" DOESN'T work.

The "rolling code" is used as PART of the encryption algorithm to validate the keyfob. The base and the fob both keep track of the "rolling code" and increment it with each keypress. It's also used to resync the base with the keyfob just in case you have kids who like to press buttons when you're out of base station range. (this is how car locking and garage doors, and maybe many other systems work)

The base station still has to have stored the keyfob unique ID and the shared secret key. That all gets dumped into the encryption algorithm.

Comment: Freelance IT journalist - WTF?? (Score 0) 147

by tomboalogo (#44834363) Attached to: Apple Has a Lot In Common With The Rolling Stones (Video)
How is this even a job? This fuck gets paid to blather about things he has no knowledge of and 'somehow' is some kinda 'expert' for giving us, 'the common folk' the gift of his blatherings??

Reworked joke:

Q: What do you call 5000 IT journalists at the bottom of the ocean?
A: A bloody good start.

We need to 'off' these bastards before they breed.

Comment: Re:Missing option (Score 1) 290

by tomboalogo (#44690461) Attached to: My ISP...

Try to live in a rural area in Canada, you get one choice. Xplornet (Exploitnet as it's known). No cap but the 3Mbps (not a typo) is typically half that and sometimes much much worse for the very fair price of $75/month.

Good thing the CRTC is looking out for us, eh?


+ - Apple's next revolution should be in your car->

Submitted by eetc
eetc writes: InfoWorld's Galen Gruman surveys the sorry state of car makers' stereo and navigation systems: "It's clear that most of the auto companies that offer more than a car stereo want to lock you into their interface and services — as awful as they are. The rest don't care. The aftermarket stereo and nav systems are no better. Stuffed with even more buttons and light-show gewgaws, they're sure to keep your eyes off the road and may not work easily with your stuff. Add to that mix the split focus of also having to use a separate GPS unit in most vehicles, and you have to wonder what keeps our roads so relatively safe." The answer in one word: iCar. This is just the sort of broken market that Apple specializes in taking over.
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Comment: Re:How about India? (Score 0) 334

by tomboalogo (#39035753) Attached to: Apple-Approved Fair Labor Inspections Begin At Foxconn

To add a bit to my reasoning - I had a contractor from Wipro working on site. One day there was a news report that a series of bus shelters were bombed around the area where their offices are. I suggested that he call home to make sure friends and co-workers were alright. After 1/2 hour on the phone he told me "Oh it's ok they were only small bombs" I really don't consider a place stable where people are used to the idea that small bombs are ok.

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