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Living is a basement apartment in Boston I had problems with particulates from the street. I removed the window screen, installed a filter in its place, and mounted a window fan on the inside. Whole house air filter and didn't even need the box. 15 years ago, I claim prior art if he patents it.

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by tombeard (#45404623) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Communication Skills For Programmers?

I usually identify myself as atheist because that doesn't require the explanations that the correct label of anti-theist would. I see an atheist as an agnostic who is sufficiently convinced that supernatural beings don't exist. I am also anti-theist because I think the belief in gods is inherently evil, harmful, corrupting, and otherwise a bad thing.

Just to put the discussion back on track, as an engineer I find communications to be my most difficult challenge. I hold meeting, issue reports, and make sure to talk privately with everyone involved in my projects. Despite a strong concerted effort I still find people under or miss informed. No amount of communication is too much, I'm not sure any amount is sufficient.

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Here in the South, if you just ask for "tea" you will get horribly over sweetened iced tea. You can ask for "unsweet" tea or hot tea. Hot tea is served unsweetened. If self serve dispensers are available it is common for those of reasonable taste to use sweet tea to sweeten their unsweet tea. Don't ask for it mixed though, counter monkeys don't do complicated.

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, he won't dispute the charge so he's guilty.

No, his cooperation has no bearing on his guilt. If you call me a peacock and I ignore your ridiculous claim I don't magically become a peacock. Lack of defense isn't evidense of guilt, and evidense is what is entirely lacking in this case. It has been asserted that he doped, no evidence has been put forth.

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