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Comment: Acceptable news source? (Score 2, Informative) 555

by tombazza (#33575280) Attached to: UK Teen Banned From US Over Obscene Obama Email
I would suggest that those thinking this story is false because of it being published in The Sun would perhaps like to check out the article at BBC News? Sounds like the Metropolitan police were involved in this as well, which seems more likely than the FBI getting in touch with a smaller police force.

Comment: Re:Charity (Score 1) 362

by tombazza (#30512860) Attached to: Facebook Campaign Decides UK Christmas Music Charts

Actually, the digital distribution partners that Sony license to sell their music on their behalf will be the ones paying for the bandwidth. As far as the label is concerned, the profit they make is essentially the same margin they would expect from a retail sale, in that they have already forked out to get the content onto the shelves/servers. Much in the same way that a record shop would pay the label for the copies of the album, pay for the consignment to be delivered and then pay their staff to stock it on the shelves.

So yes, Sony have probably done rather well out of this.

Comment: Re:That all depends on you (Score 1) 936

by tombazza (#24018571) Attached to: Non-Programming Jobs For a Computer Science Major?
I would personally say that some programmers do have what it takes for management positions, in fact some of the best managers I've had were once guru programmers. However, although it may be appealing to manage programmers, perhaps a role in some kind of systems architecture might be more suitable? Rarely in my experience do high-level architects actually touch code, which would be ideal for you by the sound of it.

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