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Comment Re:The Sun has Set (Score 2) 136

The question is not if Java is going to disappear in those 10 years or not. Of course not. The question is whether or not Java is going to go the way of the mainframe: still alive and doing well and making tons of money, but also a niche, certainly not taught in schools and only a matter of time for it to be replaced by a compatible and cheaper technology. By cheaper here I mean cheaper programming labour - something that IS taught in schools, so it's easy to recruit 100s of people to throw at a problem.

Comment Re:Maybe not the best example. (Score 1) 298

Yes, a volume button is a button that changes the volume, always.

On your next year's iPhone or iPad, the volume may become a wheel or a slider or whatever. Then the app will not work and blame goes to Apple for changing it. They are future-proofing the apps, making sure they have enough space for changes they may come up with.

Comment Speaking of audio listening tests... (Score 1) 567

This is priceless:

A bunch of audiophiles comment on the subtle (and vast!!) differences in quality between two devices, then somebody discovers that they had been listening to the SAME FILE.


Google Open Sources Updater 174

Jamie noticed the news that Google Update is now Open Source. The article acknowledges the privacy and security concerns of an application that is always running in the background of your machine, and authorized to install new software. And Google made the logically obvious conclusion that releasing the source code would alleviate those concerns.

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