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Comment: Re:Why not load it from the start? (Score 2) 45

by tolgyesi (#41448605) Attached to: Curiosity Rover Being Upgraded With Autonomous Sensor Program
Due to the high radiation, they can not use high density memory chips. At first the landing control software filled it completely. Only after the landing did they replace it with the drivers for the motors and cameras so it could start moving. I suppose the actual upload does not need so much time, it must be a lot of hacking on the software in the meantime, testing and approval.

Comment: Re:I read slashdot (Score 1) 474

by tolgyesi (#34126302) Attached to: Facebook Knows When You'll Get Dumped
I think it is the same reason why I do not buy a lottery. Guaranteed expense/effort and small chance of success. Plus lots of mental blocks that increase the effort and further decrease the chances. It is safer to concentrate on things where one has a chance to be good at - like programming.

I know every area of activity first gives sucky failures, blows to one's self estimate, etc. Then slowly it may improve. I could not imagine what it is like to have a girlfriend until age 33. Now I have a wife (due to the internet and luck) and two kids. I cannot give recipes because of the luck part. :-)

Comment: Re:"insecure electronic voting" (Score 2, Interesting) 132

by tolgyesi (#33301812) Attached to: Researchers Reprogram Voting Machine To Run <em>Pac-man</em>
As far as I understand the problem with the typical US voting machine is that the vendors keep the actual algorithm secret and they do not produce paper trails. These machines were designed specifically for election fraud.

This is more obvious to the "nerd community" than to ordinary people.

Comment: Re:Police State (Score 2, Insightful) 289

by tolgyesi (#26782461) Attached to: UK Government Plans 10-Year Database of Citizens' Travel
People are sheep. They revolt when someone makes it the craze/fashion/whatever, but then let the country become the same crap as in the west. Here in Hungary we can choose between two similarly corrupt parties, just like everywhere else I see.

I have seen some good ideas to change things. For example to allow voters to say yes to more than one candidate - so they can vote for the third or fourth party and can still have a say in the fight between the two strongest. Here is one such site:

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