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User Journal

Journal: HP

Journal by toesate

# The enterprise systems division is in terrible shape. Attention must be focused first on the Operating Systems, then on storage and hardware.
# The HP-UX/Tru64 merger should again be taken up, probably favoring Tru64. "TruHP 12 UNIX" should target PA-RISC, Itanium, and Opteron. GNU Userland wherever possible, RPM packager, AdvFS, 128-cpu scalability, binary compatibility with previous OS implmentations on their respective platforms.
# An Opteron port of OpenVMS must be immediately undertaken. Opteron ports of HP's operating systems will prove HP's commitment. No customer wants a knife in the back of their OS.
# In addition to CDE/OpenVMS, immediate ports of GNOME and KDE should be undertaken. OpenOffice should also work.
# New, inexpensive SATA SANS using the DEC Storageworks command sets (in additon to Win32/X GUI). I should also be able to "run clone" via a TCP connection, without loading an ugly gui (or any gui at all).
# Low-end Storageworks for SOHO users. Works with any 3rd-party drives. Under $1k, maybe less.
# The PC divison should do some real innovation. ATX was a step forward, but standard, easily interchangable motherboard form-factors (easy slide-out replacement, no tools required) would get you both recognition and sales. Give the designs to Dell, or anybody else who asks.
# Storageworks in a PC bios.
# Cross-license the entire Alpha architecture with AMD, in exchange for Opteron manufacturing rights. Give AMD the option to resume Alpha development/production if they desire.
# Be prepared to lower the cost of printer consumables. The day will come.

User Journal

Journal: Old thread - favourite equation

Journal by toesate

  e^x and a constant were walking down the street, when up ahead they see a differential operator.

The constant screams, "Ahh, I'll be reduced to zero," and jumps into the bushes.

e^x says, "Ha, I am not afraid," walks up to the differential operator and says, "Hi, i am e^x."

The differential operator smiles and says, "Hi, I am d/dy."

User Journal

Journal: Asked about Slashdot during job interview? How honest?

Journal by toesate
In today's world, were you ever asked about Slashdot during your job interview? Questions like do you read Slashdot and what is your Slashdot's id?

And the question that really matters - just what is the general perception of Slashdot, and how honest should I be? Time wasting activities during office hours or good stuffs to keep abreast of. How would you deal with it? Any hiring slashdotters out there?

User Journal

Journal: disable swf, iframe, embed tags

Journal by toesate


2. Snapped from google search

javaScript:function removePlugins( node ) {if ( node.nodeType == 1 && node.tagName.toLowerCase() == 'object') {var a = node.parentNode;var box = document.createElement('div');"hidden"; = "1px solid black"; = "left";box.innerHTML = "Plugin"; = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(node, '').getPropertyValue('width'); = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(node, '').getPropertyValue('height');a.insertBefore( box, node );a.removeChild( node );} else if (node.childNodes) {for (var i=0; i node.childNodes.length;i++)removePlugins(node.childNodes[i]);}}removePlugins(document.body);

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