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Comment: Re:Will not work on 64 bit (Score 1) 208

by todorb (#42699487) Attached to: Hacker Bypasses Windows 7/8 Address Space Layout Randomization

when a program asks the OS for memory, the OS assigns a chunk of address space, but doesn't assign memory (physical, virtual, or otherwise) until the program actually tries to use it.

not true. the virtual address space is determined at the time of allocation. otherwise the program won't know where it's allowed to write to. only the physical pages are assigned on actual use (and can be swapped, reassigned, etc).

Comment: using admin account is more secure (Score 1, Interesting) 185

by todorb (#38691566) Attached to: Microsoft 'Trustworthy Computing' Turns 10

Windows users also weren't adjusted to having to work under non-admin account.

by using a non-admin account for the last couple of years i learned that the system is much less secure this way.

on windows the only program that could auto update was google chrome. firefox, flash, thunderbird, java, etc, all required manual update checks (which a non too computer savvy user, like my wife, won't do). firefox actually shows that there's an update available when chacking manually, but requires to be "run as administrator" to actually install it.

same problem for the mac. system update checks won't happen automatically in non-admin accounts.

eventually i got pissed of having to update everything manually and switched my accounts to admin.

Comment: Re:iPhone (Score 1) 244

by todorb (#34875222) Attached to: Dual-Core Chips Coming To All Smartphones In 2011

i know enough about EE, trust me. here are some facts for you and all that declared me wrong:

power is not linear with frequency, electrical current is. this is because current flows through MOS transistors only when they're switching. so more switches cause more current linearly. since power is proportional to the square of current (P=I^2/R), it is also proportional to the square of frequency.

all that argued that power is linear with voltage (which is true) should just have asked themselves how voltage and current relate (hint: linearly).

Comment: Re:iPhone (Score 5, Insightful) 244

by todorb (#34862468) Attached to: Dual-Core Chips Coming To All Smartphones In 2011

two cores on lower clock rate may consume less energy than one core with fast clocking. energy use is proportional to the square of the clock rate, so it's a matter of tuning to achieve lower power. the only question is whether the slow cores will be fast enough for the important sequential tasks (if there are such at all).

All the simple programs have been written.