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Comment: Re:queue the.. (Score 1) 233

by toddestan (#49608699) Attached to: Long Uptime Makes Boeing 787 Lose Electrical Power

I gotten a Windows 95 machine up to the 49.7 day limit. The key was the machine was hooked up to some special scanner that didn't get used that much, so the computer spent 99% of its time idling at the desktop. Once I realized it was getting close I figured out when exactly it was going to hit the limit so I could witness what would happen. Which turned out to be nothing, until I clicked the mouse and it BSOD'd.

I've also managed to get a Vista machine up to the 497 day limit. In that case the computer was still running okay other than the networking being hosed.

Comment: Re:2kW isn't enough power for a home (Score 1) 503

by toddestan (#49605927) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System

The idea is that you charge this thing at night using cheap off-peak electricity, and then during the day you draw power from your battery instead of paying peak rates. If you already pay for power this way and you're smart about it, you're already not doing laundry or running the oven at peak usage times if at all possible. And you're still connected to the grid, so if you need to run a high-power appliance it's not like you can't if you don't mind paying peak rates to do it.

Comment: Re: Gamechanger (Score 1) 503

by toddestan (#49604191) Attached to: Tesla Announces Home Battery System

The reason why you can more easily get away without is that 1) you're in desert where the humidity is lower, which means that your body can more easily cool itself by sweating and 2) you're in a desert where it gets down to the 20's at night so it's not miserably hot when you're trying to sleep. I don't mind the heat so much during the day, but to sleep when it's 30C+ and 70% humidity and you'd want air conditioning too.

Comment: Re:Agile - like everything else it is good and bad (Score 1) 208

by toddestan (#49599001) Attached to: IBM CIO Thinks Agile Development Might Save Company

Well, that's how the 80% thing factored in. They had a pretty good idea what they were building, so they could start on the foundation while things like the placement of the the windows was still being worked out. As opposed to diving right and and starting to build something and then deciding later whether you're building a storage shed, an oil rig, a shopping mall, or a skyscraper.

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