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Comment Re:Time for an union (Score 1) 233

"Your Salaried, that makes you management. You can't be in a union if you are management."

Yeah, that's stupid. *Any* group of employees can unionize.

There is nothing to stop you from circumventing your company union and unionizing under another parent union like the AFL-CIO, Teamsters or SEIU.

Most company unions are not islands unto themselves. They exist under one of the aforementioned national unions.

Anyway, good luck.

Comment Re: What? "We're sorry we got caught"? (Score 1) 301

it spew far less also-cancer-causing PM than any car on sale in the US.


My Volt and many other cars sold in the U.S. destroy it. The Ampera, which is the European version of the Volt scores 27g/km of CO2 on European emissions tests, while the Bluemotion scores 102 g/km.


And VW was recently caught cheating on emissions tests. In the real world driving the EPA is alleging VW Diesel models are emitting 40x the legal amount of NOx allowed by EPA standards.

These are not clean cars, by any measure.

Comment Re: Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

...as well as men being less likely to take parental leave.

And herein lies the problem. You are treating extra time that mothers must put into raising children as valueless to society and the economy. 100% of modern Western societies not named The United States of America have put into place government-backed support systems that recognize the economic value of raising new citizens.

Comment Re: Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

disadvantage young men

You and everyone else in this thread are and have been begging the question. Enrollment and graduation statistics do not in any way prove that men are being systematically disadvantaged. If you would like to show me some proof that young men are being disadvantaged in higher education, please do.

Comment Re: Stupid people are stupid (Score 1) 956

If he was refering to the fact that girls now have substantial advantage over boys (over 20% advantage throughout elementary, middle, and high school) and at college entrance

Women have this "advantage" because on average, women need more education to achieve the same level of success as in the workplace than men. The disparity of numbers in education is caused by inequity in the workforce.


Comment Re:In "oil" country no less! (Score 1) 327

the crucial difference is you can still get things built in Texas.

California gets a higher percentage of it's energy from solar than any other state, by at least an order of magnitude, and more solar capacity is being built right now in California than in any other state, by far.

If Texas, which has a huge amount of prime solar real estate can catch up, more power to them, but to say nothing can be built in CA is not paying attention to the reality on the ground.

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