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Comment: Re:1000 times (Score 1) 622

by toadlife (#49540785) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

Whoa re you? T Boone Pickens?

EV's require the total replacement of the vehicle. CNG does not.

Fleets are replaced every ten years regardless. Nobody is suggesting replacing every car now.

And last, but not least, won't put added stress on our aging electric grid which is suffering from supply and distribution problems driven by environmental concerns.

Stress on the electric grid would only be an issue if every car were replaced overnight. Again, that's not going to happen. Fleets have a 10 year lifecycle.

IMHO, CNG is...more convenient, less complex and cheaper to maintain.

Absolutely wrong. EVs are much simpler than any solution which relies on controlled explosions and multi-geared transmissions. Maintenance requirements are much lower. Properly managed lithium ion batteries can easily hold 90% capacity over ten years.

Comment: Re:1000 times (Score 1) 622

by toadlife (#49538997) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

You are ignoring how economies of scale affect efficiency and pollution.

Because of their large scale, power plants achieve efficiency levels that are far above and pollution levels far below what could never be achieved in a tiny internal combustion engine, even when you account for the losses incurred by the transport of electricity.

Even when coal is used to generate electricity, electric cars are still on par with gasoline cars.

A charging infrastructure is far cheaper to build out that an CNG refueling infrastructure and the great thing about electric is that it doesn't matter what is being used to generate the power on the back-end.

In the mean time, while the limitations to battery technology are addressed, the most logical bridge is not some other fuel; it's hybrid and plugin hybrid cars which leverage existing gasoline infrastructure.

Comment: Re:1000 times (Score 1) 622

by toadlife (#49530719) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

So what about people who buy that electric car and find out that their electric rate is going up?

When adjusted for inflation, electricity rates have been completely flat for the past several decades.

Not to mention that the electric car costs more per mile to drive over it's life and is less comfortable, less safe and limited in range.

The true cost of electric cars is higher than equivalent ICE cars right now when you take away subsidies, but battery costs have been plummeting at an alarming rate, which will bring parity in the next few years. You are simply wrong about safety and comfort. Range can an issue.

I'd advocate moving towards Natural Gas powered cars myself. It's cheap,

Natural gas is cheap, but it is subject to the same price fluctuations as other fossil fuels and it still puts a bunch of carbon into the atmosphere. No matter which fuel source you choose, nothing is efficient as an electric vehicle.

Comment: Re:Here's a better idea (Score 1) 678

by toadlife (#49512855) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California

Our agricultural economy makes up barely 2% of the state's GDP. It's only a problem for the plantation owners and their quasi slave labor in the middle of the state. Unfortunately, those plantation owners give a shitload of money to state politicians in order to make sure production trumps sustainability.

Comment: Re:Well done! (Score 5, Informative) 540

by toadlife (#49512641) Attached to: George Lucas Building Low-Income Housing Next Door To Millionaires

In CA, the disparity in property taxes is not why some public schools have more money than other public schools. While there are some problems with how it is implemented, in CA, school funding is mandated to be equal, regardless of the local property tax revenues.

The inequity comes in when you factor in private fundraising.

Comment: Re:Also what kind of idiot buys at retail price? (Score 1) 325

by toadlife (#49494931) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan

I don't think Apple plays that game. The discounts they give for volume purchases are close to zero.

The community college district I work for did a big ipad rollout with zero input from IT. The bulk discount we got on ipads was trivial; something like $10 per unit.

Our district is small compared to LAUSD and the kind of rollout was a little different, but the story sounds eerily similar.

Apple wines and dines administrators on their campus, promises them the world in order to get them to buy into the Apple ecosystem, which makes Microsoft's lock-in strategy from the late 1990s look tame by comparison.

Comment: Re:But not to Nestle. (Score 1) 332

by toadlife (#49459489) Attached to: California Looks To the Sea For a Drink of Water

Thank you.

I live down in Kings County, which affectionately call "Mississippi, CA."

Recently, the state passed the first groundwater regulation in CA's history, only to fuck it up by placing the job of regulation in the hands of local municipalities.

The problem with that?

Farmers hold the vast majority of political offices here.

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