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Journal: "I'm going outside honey."

Journal by toadlife

I have two 40 foot tall Modesto Ash trees in my front yard. Many people I've talked to don't like Modesto Ash trees, with their shallow sidewalk-eating octopus roots and their large, dry, frail branches that tend to fall off at the most random of times, but I love them. They provide a ton of shade, and if pruned properly are very aesthetically pleasing.

Every year these two trees drop about a trillion (give or take a hundred billion) leaves on my yard. The trees stock up on enough ammunition over the summer to blanket my entire front yard with six inches of leaves...a few times over.

A couple of weeks ago, I got out the mower and sucked up all of the leaves on the lawn. I had to empty the mower bag about eight times and completely filled up my green waste container. It took me about three or four hours. One day later, my lawn was covered with leaves again.

I broke down and bought an electric blower at the local Sears outlet store. The price tag said $69.99 which seemed very reasonable. When the sales person rang it up the total was just over $50.00. It must have been one of those "guess what's on sale" sales...or something.

That Sunday, while all of the NFL games that I could care less about were on TV, I went out side and blew all of the leaves in my yard into the street.

Today, I noticed that the street sweeper had come by and sucked up all of the leaves I had blown into the street. I also noticed that my lawn is covered with leaves again.

Next weekend while all of the NFL games that I don't care about are on TV, I'm going to get out my blower...

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Journal: I must be doing something right

Journal by toadlife

Lately, I've noticed that somebody has been following me around and using all of their mods points to mod all of my posts down. As the down-mods always come five at a time, I'm pretty sure one person is responsible.

I'm going to take the formation of my one-man fan club as a sign that I'm doing something right.

Hi there Mr. Fan!

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it. -- Franklin P. Jones