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Comment: Re: Her work (Score 1) 1020

is this much different from movies ?
charlie chaplin, rambo, batman... or just take any random set of movies and compare the male vs female set. men are ok bo get hurt or killed.

i suspect part of that might be rooted in the "disposability" of men - a woman is valuable, it's nine months until the offspring. males have been disposable - wars, exploration, scientific experiments...

so we have popculture products killing males left and right and we perceive that as being ok - because it is ok as proven by genetics and history

Comment: Re:lulz (Score 1) 670

by richlv (#47780015) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

like the topaz somehow "accidentally" ending up on the "humanitarian help" trucks ?

russian special force incursions in ukraine have been repelled several times with some border guards dead - but i guess there have been many more that have been successful.

some others you mentioned were concerns about what russia could do, not lies - given russians did not wait for a full ukrainian approval, just imagine this happening to any other country...

so could you please come up with outright lies - especially nato-propagated ones ?

Comment: Re:Just proves the point (Score 1) 1020

how come it is ok to slap and threaten a guy...

but it would never happen to a girl ? :)

it goes both ways. there are assholes who treat women badly, and there are probably about as many women who are total bitches.
not seeing both sides makes you a problem, too.

Comment: Re:Send in the drones! (Score 1) 670

by richlv (#47779609) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine

People that voice disagreement against Ukrainian government are thrown in jail, beaten, sometimes burned alive, forced to go to front lines to die without support.

i'm torn between 3 possibilities

a) you are a retard
b) you are either tied to, or directly paid by russian structures
c) you misspelt "Russian" as "Ukrainian"

Comment: Re:The moment of truth (Score 1) 126

by julesh (#47772369) Attached to: GOG Introduces DRM-Free Movie Store

But currently renting a movie on Vu is $6.00. Would $6.00 be very reasonable for owning unless I'm miss understanding the DRM Free concept.

$6 is very high for renting a movie. I can rent a physical copy locally for $3-$5, depending on how new the title is, or I could get a netflix subscription for less than $10 per month (as I watch about 5-10 movies per month, this works out at $1-$2 each).

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