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Comment Re:Arm chair quarterbacking (Score 1) 158 158

I recently purchased a Volt which, of course, has OnStar. Through the OnStar web/app interface you can monitor various things, including charging, tire pressure and charge state/fuel level and perform things like remote starts, and door locks/unlocks.

After about 8 months of dealing with the horrendously unreliable OnStar website and the OnStar app, I would say us GM car owners are probably boned.

BTW, even non-4G OnStar connected cars are still connected to the Internet. It's just through Verizons slower CDMA network.

Comment Re:if people got to South America (Score 1) 97 97

the pacific has a north and a south cyclone of prevailing wind (and also an oceanic gyre if you're just floating with no wind). it's just a matter of what latitude you use for the prevailing direction

thor's journey is awesome, and we do find native american dna at easter island, but the vast majority of the south pacific is austromelanesian. easter island's people came from the west, not from the east

Comment Re:credit to slashdot and brianna for doing this (Score 1) 550 550

i don't know who you are, you came and found me and sought me out here. you hide your identity, a coward. you accuse me based on a supposed longstanding awareness of my past (really just smearmongering insults). so are clearly a bully and a stalker

you are the warpath against me, a *warrior*, out to seek *justice* against my behavior on this *social* network

you're such a blind loser

Comment Re:credit to slashdot and brianna for doing this (Score 1) 550 550

i think my description of people who engage in sexism is pretty objectively accurate. stupidity is actually something that exists in this world and actually forms the source of some people's low grade opinions. this is objectively true. someone who doesn't believe in climate change, for example, is a low information person fed propaganda rather than proof. they are therefore, objectively, low iq, stupid people. these are opinions and people you do not respect. not because i am disrespectful by default, but because such people have earned disrespect by having ignorance as their primary motivation. we don't live in a world where you don't get judged by having ignorant and stupid opinions. if you say something ignorant and stupid, is that really the same thing as ignorance and hate itself? if you say some thing stupid, i will call you stupid. you don't have to like that, but it doesn't make me the same as a stupid person

meanwhile, you seem pretty angry at me, a warrior almost, out to seek justice against me on this social network. and who lacks self awareness?

You are in a maze of little twisting passages, all different.