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Comment Re:Arm chair quarterbacking (Score 1) 158 158

I recently purchased a Volt which, of course, has OnStar. Through the OnStar web/app interface you can monitor various things, including charging, tire pressure and charge state/fuel level and perform things like remote starts, and door locks/unlocks.

After about 8 months of dealing with the horrendously unreliable OnStar website and the OnStar app, I would say us GM car owners are probably boned.

BTW, even non-4G OnStar connected cars are still connected to the Internet. It's just through Verizons slower CDMA network.

Comment Re:Nobody cares about the password your transcript (Score 1) 251 251

In the summary there was no proof of a password being stored in clear text. It described the password being emailed in clear text.

Sending a clear text password for 'recovery' tells me that you didn't even bother to hash it

No, it doesn't. If the password was generated/reset and emailed at the same time it could easily be sent in clear text and hashed properly in whatever system it is used on.

Comment Nobody cares about the password your transcript... (Score 3, Insightful) 251 251

...or your job application.

Because of the low value of the data that the password grants access to, lax handling of the password is acceptable.

Now if the password granted you access to everyone's college transcript or job application, then how it was handled would certainly be important.

Different types of data have differing security requirements.

Comment Re:Bolt is a 20k car (Score 1) 249 249

I own a Volt and love my Volt, but you are right. The ICE makes the car much more complicated that it would be if it were a BEV.

But 100 miles is still not enough.

I have a 78 mile round trip commute (live in a rural area) and am able to charge at work in a shop, but sometimes the welding plug I used is being used or the bay is taken up by a tractor or truck being worked on.

When I was shopping to replace my 10 year old Sonata, I loved the idea of an electric car, but the current gen of affordable EVs with their 80 miles of real world range just weren't nearly enough.

200 miles would definitely be doable for me though.

Comment Re:Still too expensive (Score 2) 249 249

I doubt it. That's what people like to say about the Volt - that it is a Cruze with an electric motor. Except that's not true at all. The Volt is much more luxurious ride and is better appointed than a Cruze. I suspect the Bolt will be similar.

Comment Re:How is this news for nerds? (Score 1) 1083 1083

...taking a religious ceremony and perverting it to no longer have a religious element.

To the state, marriage has never had a religious element to it. It is a legal contract pertaining to rights and obligations between two parties.

Churches are merely granted the *privilege* of performing official marriage ceremonies.

Comment The pre-requisite to my 16 year IT career? (Score 1) 306 306

A job at McDonalds. I also worked at a dry cleaners and a Dairy Queen.

So there you have it kids. If you want a successful, fulfilling career in IT, learn how to make fries and Blizzards and learn how to press Wrangler jeans...with extra starch please!

Comment Re:Highly evolved animals can also smell bull**** (Score 1) 637 637

I disagree about us needing more water. Our Ag industry is simply not as important as it would like everyone to believe. There is common misconception that food prices would skyrocket and people would go hungry if California's Ag production was severely cut short. This is especially true here in the Central valley where I was raised and live. People here are led to believe (by agribusiness propaganda) that California's economy would sink without Ag. It's not true at all.

California grows almost no staple crops, like wheat and corn. Instead we dominate the pistachio, almond, strawberry and artichoke markets. We also grow a shitload of alfalfa, a water intensive crop which at the present time is being shipped to China to feed their cows.

Food is a world-wide industry which is extremely agile. Any shortage in one area of the world can easily be filled by another.

The most sensible solution is to regulate water so as to price farmers out of production in times of drought. When the rains come back (and they will), they can grow to their heart's content. Ag is 2% of California's economy. It's not worth the investment.

Comment Re:Highly evolved animals can also smell bull**** (Score 1) 637 637

So instead of spending a few more pennies per gallon to set up the mass-desalinization

Adding a "few more pennies" to the cost of a gallon of water means increasing the wholesale cost of water five to ten-fold.

The problem is, when these folks say that they want to save 25% of California's water use through cuts to residential and municipal water use...

Meaningless feel-good policies. 4% of California's developed water goes to municipal use, while 80% goes to agriculture. It's most likely agri-business funded propaganda that has you thinking desalinization is an answer to our water problems. What the Ag industry would like is for cities to switch to super expensive desalinated water, so they can have the existing cheap water sources all to themselves.

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