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Comment Re:Efficiency (Score 1) 889

I don't have the inclination to provide data for everything (s)he said, but I have personal experience with charging efficiency and this study coincides with it...


* 80%-90+% efficiency when charging at a rate higher than 2kW (L2/240V) depending on rate of charge and climate.

70%-85% efficiency when charging below 2kW (L1/120V charging)

My Chevy Volt has 10.7 kWh usable battery and based on OnStar data it takes roughly 12-13kWh to recharge. That's 82-89% efficiency, which perfectly matches the study's findings. Unfortunately the Volt only charges at a maximum rate of 3.3kW. A 6.6kW charger would get efficiency well into the 90s.

Comment Re:Doubtful (Score 1) 889

Not worth it yet next to my $15k one year old used Ford Taurus

If we are comparing used, you can get a used electric car with plenty of battery warranty right now for the same price range. Due to state and federal tax rebates, they depreciate more quickly than ICE cars when you first drive them off the lot.

Comment Re:Arm chair quarterbacking (Score 1) 160

I recently purchased a Volt which, of course, has OnStar. Through the OnStar web/app interface you can monitor various things, including charging, tire pressure and charge state/fuel level and perform things like remote starts, and door locks/unlocks.

After about 8 months of dealing with the horrendously unreliable OnStar website and the OnStar app, I would say us GM car owners are probably boned.

BTW, even non-4G OnStar connected cars are still connected to the Internet. It's just through Verizons slower CDMA network.

Comment Re:Nobody cares about the password your transcript (Score 1) 251

In the summary there was no proof of a password being stored in clear text. It described the password being emailed in clear text.

Sending a clear text password for 'recovery' tells me that you didn't even bother to hash it

No, it doesn't. If the password was generated/reset and emailed at the same time it could easily be sent in clear text and hashed properly in whatever system it is used on.

Comment Nobody cares about the password your transcript... (Score 3, Insightful) 251

...or your job application.

Because of the low value of the data that the password grants access to, lax handling of the password is acceptable.

Now if the password granted you access to everyone's college transcript or job application, then how it was handled would certainly be important.

Different types of data have differing security requirements.

Comment Re:Bolt is a 20k car (Score 1) 249

I own a Volt and love my Volt, but you are right. The ICE makes the car much more complicated that it would be if it were a BEV.

But 100 miles is still not enough.

I have a 78 mile round trip commute (live in a rural area) and am able to charge at work in a shop, but sometimes the welding plug I used is being used or the bay is taken up by a tractor or truck being worked on.

When I was shopping to replace my 10 year old Sonata, I loved the idea of an electric car, but the current gen of affordable EVs with their 80 miles of real world range just weren't nearly enough.

200 miles would definitely be doable for me though.

Comment Re:Still too expensive (Score 2) 249

I doubt it. That's what people like to say about the Volt - that it is a Cruze with an electric motor. Except that's not true at all. The Volt is much more luxurious ride and is better appointed than a Cruze. I suspect the Bolt will be similar.

Comment Re:How is this news for nerds? (Score 1) 1083

...taking a religious ceremony and perverting it to no longer have a religious element.

To the state, marriage has never had a religious element to it. It is a legal contract pertaining to rights and obligations between two parties.

Churches are merely granted the *privilege* of performing official marriage ceremonies.

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