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Comment Re:People still don't know? (Score 1) 342

trains without enough riders to break even



Amtrak routes that high speed rail will replace actaully have plenty of passengers and make money. It's only the cross country routes that are the big money losers. Amtrak has wanted to shutter the routes but congress wont let them.

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over "free stuff" (Score 1) 554

If that's true, that is the worse design ever.

Every EV that has active liquid battery cooling takes up about the same amount of power. Perhaps you should be submitting your resume to GM or Tesla, since you appear to be smarter than all their engineers.

Racers have been adding electric A/C to cars for decades and they only pull a few hundred watts or so as stated.

I bet that hobbyist electric AC is powered by a lead-acid battery which is not cooled and has an average life of 3-5 years before it completely craps out. I'm talking about modern EVs, not riced out Honda Civics with oversized alternators.

If it did then you would be consuming insane power cooling the batteries; power provided by the batteries, in turn making them hotter; this design makes no sense.

Insane power? You don't comprehend how powerful these packs are. The Volt's traction battery can safely put out a steady 111kW of power. A 2.5kW draw to cool it is 2.5% of its power output.

The BMW i3 pack puts out 160kW and the Teslas are in the 300+ range. In the context of these cars, 2.5kW is next to nothing.

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over "free stuff" (Score 1) 554

Also, I think your 150% EPA range is for hybrids, not electrics

Apparently someone doesn't know what a real traffic jam is.

Yeah, yeah. I live in a rural area.

I took the side roads once on my monthly trip to Costco just to see if I join the mythical "50 mile club" in my Volt. I kept it between 45-50MPH. Even with the 6 stop signs on the way, I logged 53 miles before the engine kicked in. The EPA rating is 38 miles.

That's 147% of the EPA rating.

I doubt if you could get 150% of EPA rating in a dense urban area though. Too many stops. Too much inertia wasted.

Comment Re: Hipsters fight over "free stuff" (Score 1) 554

Excuse my ignorance. I live in a rural area where traffic isn't a thing.

That said, your commute would be perfect for an EV. While gas cars lose efficiency while idling and being stuck in sub-optimal gear ratios, EV efficiency is much more uniform at speeds below 50MPH where wind drag has little effect.

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over "free stuff" (Score 1) 554

3kW?! For vehicle A/C? That's more power than the cooling system for my whole house.

You're off by an order of magnitude. 300 watts at most and that's not even one of the newfangled modern efficient ones in electric cars.

I may have been off by a few hundred watts, but not an order of magnitude.

Over the ODBII port using Torque for Android, I can monitor electrical consumption of my Volt.

At idle, with no accessories running, the car consumes about 500 watts. When it's 120 degrees outside with the AC cranking that usage easily climbs to above 3kW. It's more than just a compressor and fan. The car also cools and pumps liquid coolant through the battery system.

Comment Re:Hipsters fight over "free stuff" (Score 4, Informative) 554

Throw in traffic jams and start and stop driving while running AC and stereo, etc., and that 300 mile range drops fast.

You've got it backwards.

Stop and go driving and traffic jams are where electric cars shine the most. AC takes, at the very most 3kW; much less once the cabin is cooled down. Even at full blast, 3kW saps about 12 miles of range per hour.

EPA range numbers for electric cars are based on highway speeds. Electric cars easily get 150% of the EPA range at traffic jam speeds of 30-50 MPH.

Comment Re:Time for an union (Score 1) 233

"Your Salaried, that makes you management. You can't be in a union if you are management."

Yeah, that's stupid. *Any* group of employees can unionize.

There is nothing to stop you from circumventing your company union and unionizing under another parent union like the AFL-CIO, Teamsters or SEIU.

Most company unions are not islands unto themselves. They exist under one of the aforementioned national unions.

Anyway, good luck.

Comment Re: What? "We're sorry we got caught"? (Score 1) 301

it spew far less also-cancer-causing PM than any car on sale in the US.


My Volt and many other cars sold in the U.S. destroy it. The Ampera, which is the European version of the Volt scores 27g/km of CO2 on European emissions tests, while the Bluemotion scores 102 g/km.


And VW was recently caught cheating on emissions tests. In the real world driving the EPA is alleging VW Diesel models are emitting 40x the legal amount of NOx allowed by EPA standards.

These are not clean cars, by any measure.

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