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Comment Re:This will sound harsh, at first... (Score 1) 243

But isn't this the same argument people make against illegal immigration?

It is the same argument and there is nothing inherently wrong with it. On both ends, employers intentionally use immigrants status as leverage to drive wages down.

An American citizen with more options would demand at least $20 an hour to pick grapes in the 105 degree heat in August.

You will find that similarly tough jobs (oil field service comes to mind) that are worked exclusively by citizens pay significantly more than Ag jobs do.

Comment Re: "other people" (Score 1) 508

In the case of pertussis ("whooping cough"), infants cannot be vaccinated until they are four months old and the disease is most dangerous to infants.

We had an outbreak in my home town of pertussis at a private Christian school. Thankfully no infants died in that case.

Comment Re: Surrounded? (Score 1) 336

Yeah, they took it from all 1,000 inhabitants of California.

The best estimates are actually 300,000. Spanish colonialists (Mexicans) commited the original genocide and the current families which hold the land now took it from them.

Besides, that's a stupid argument anyway

It was not really an argument. It was a statement of facts. Interesting that it offended you though. Did you or do you stand to inherit a lot of wealth, or are you just a rank-and-file bootlicker?

Comment Re: Surrounded? (Score 1) 336

Not family farms in the sense that most people imagine.

The model the PP is talking about (and I was alluding to) is large business buying up the land and leasing it to people who do the actual farming and taking most of the profits.

The wealthiest "farmers" in Central California operate from the urban areas in Northern and Southern California.

The only wealthy farmers that actually live in Central CA (my neck of the woods) are those who inherited large chunks of land from their father, who inherited it from their father, who inherited it from their father, who forcefully took it from the original owners/inhabitants (Mexicans/Indigenous Peoples).

I guess you could call them "family farmers."

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