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Additional links: A big discussion has taken place on PubPeer following a pre-publication arXiv release of a paper (full disclosure: I'm a co-author on the second version of this paper). The paper is well worth a read, and should be coming out soon in PLoS One.


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Blowing Up a Pointless Job Interview 692

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Nemo the Magnificent writes "Ever been asked a question in a job interview that's just so abysmally stupid, you're tempted to give in to the snark and blow the whole thing up? Here are suggested interview-ending answers to 16 of the stupidest questions candidates actually got asked in interviews at tech companies in 2013, according to employment site Glassdoor. Oil to pour on the burning bridges."

In Greece, 10 Months In Prison For "Blasphemous" Facebook Page 324

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First time accepted submitter etash writes "A bit more than a year ago a man was arrested in Greece for satirizing a dead monk, after the far-right party golden dawn, petitioned for his arrest. A couple of days ago he was given a ten-month sentence. What actually enraged the religious Greek blogosphere was not the satire. He wrote a fictitious story about a miracle done in the past by this specific monk. The story was then sent to [a religious blog] and then in a matter of days it was copy pasted and presented as true by most of the religious and far-right blogs and news sites. The final act of the dramedy took place when he came out and revealed that the story was not real; he intended to show the absurdity and the lack of reliability of these sites."

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The solution is to give one island to North Korea, one to South Korea, One to Taiwan and one to Japan. Watch the fireworks for a while, and realise when the smoke has lifted that there are no spots left above the waterline. Everyone has had their opportunity to blow off some steam and very few citizens will get hurt.

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" It doesn't help that China feels they have still never received a proper apology"

Which is interesting, as there have been a fair few apologies from the Japanese:

But somehow, even among the Dutch, there is a persistent belief that Japan never apologised.

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There was a report the other day saying that China is trying to claim enough islands around the east china sea so that it can claim the entire sea as an "inland sea". Hence the disputes over islands with everyone, from Indonesia to Japan. It seems like they are hoping to claim enough barren rocks to make this dream a reality.

It was said back then that this is necessary for fishing and mining.

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