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+ - Scientists show turning pigs into catalysts works quite well! 1

Submitted by toQDuj
toQDuj (806112) writes "Imagine you could turn pigs into catalysts. You might think that that would take quite some work, but it turns out to be surprisingly easy as long as you have a good oven and some salts lying around. This has been demonstrated by Zoe Schnepp (of the newly formed Schnepp Group at the U. of Birmingham)in collaboration with Yuanjian Zhang, Martin Hollamby, Brian R. Pauw and others. The work has just been published here, and has already made the university front page with this press release."

+ - New Japanese Neutron Source Remains Unscathed->

Submitted by
toQDuj writes "After a significant investment into the field of science by the Japanese, a new Neutron Spallation Source was built alongside the existing accelerators and rings already in place at J-PARC. The earthquake and tsunami threatened to scrap the lot as it struck very closeby. The pictures shown in their latest assessment ( shows the fortunate fate and success through good engineering: No tsunami damage, impressive external damage (gaps, undulations, etc.), but very, very little damage to the parts that matter most. The Japanese scientists can breathe a cautious sigh of relief."
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+ - Language Copyrights: Death of Online Dictionaries?

Submitted by toQDuj
toQDuj (806112) writes "Once upon a time, non-Danes could have the pleasure of understanding at least the written language using online dictionaries (
Funnily enough, the knowledge of turning one language into a (more) intelligible one, is now deemed copyrightable by publishers of dictionaries.
As can be read from the site, where the site owner has published the (two) cease and desist letters, no longer is this translation site to exist. The lawyers, on behalf of Gyldendalske Boghandel have requested the cessation of the site. In time, other publishers step in line and abolish all that is online translation-worthy."

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