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Comment How is that wrong??? (Score 1) 145

By your metric, the average homeless person in the US will be in the top 15 - 20%.

Ask me how I can tell you've never travelled outside the U.S. to any even moderately poor country.

The homeless in the U.S. are in FACT better off than many people in Africa or South America or heck, even rural China (all of which I have seen in person). They absolutely have better access to food and healthcare. They have access to libraries during the day to study anything they like, or simply to read if they wish...

Comment Re:"At that price it's almost a burner" (Score 1) 145

I bought a smartphone in Amsterdam for around 80 Euros, it had a physical keyboard and a screen half the size of the device (so kind of square) - but it ran Android and I could load apps on it, it also had the stock Android apps and I could tether from it... that counts as a smartphone to me.

Comment Re:The Republican House (Score 2, Interesting) 210

That's not courage, that's insanity. The fringe Republican base have given up on the idea of governance. The old guard had already done that to some respects which is why they were pandering to the fringe to begin with. Now they have a perfect storm of idiocy where no one is interested in being a statesman anymore and anyone that tries gets shouted down by the fringe.

This problem of the fringe driving the selection of candidates is a problem with both parties.

This is also a problem with the 2 party system where your wing nut "coalition" members get embedded into your party instead of being some outside group (like in Israel).

Comment Re:Polite request (Score 1) 561

No. This ruling is utter bullshit. It's the kind of thing that makes people think that they need to fend for themselves Mad Max style because they have to really. It completely undermines the idea of civilized society or even the basic idea of specialization.

That nonsense just feeds into gun culture and justifies it.

The existence of cops should largely negate the need for personal weapons.

That ruling is fundementally anti-social.

Comment Re:really? (Score 2) 561

> So you whackos want to disarm cops too now?

Yes. It's time to take away their SWAT gear.

It's one thing to have a special action squad for the occasional well armed robber or kidnapper but it's gotten to the point where it's the day to day SOP.

There are plenty of liberal weenies crying for the disarmament of the American citizen right now. They've forgotten about the need to demilitarize the cops.

If you are afraid of civilians with guns then you need to be even handed about it and take them from cops too.

Comment Re:Question in the title? The answer is likely "no (Score 1) 482

> Except people won't lust after these things in a post-scarcity economy because the primary information channels won't be saturated with messages instructing us to lust after these things.

Why not? Who is going to stop them? Are you saying that the Federation is some sort of communist nightmare with information tightly controlled so that ideas contrary to the agenda of the ruling party is never seen.

That is the sort of thing that explains offworld colonies and fleeing to the Cardassian frontier.

Comment Re:Question in the title? The answer is likely "no (Score 1) 482

> Wow, can I have... uh... your blindfold?

Is this the voice of experience or are you just some idiot bleeding heart born with a silver spoon in his mouth?

As the voice of actual experience, I agree with the OP. Material want is not the problem with our "urban poor". Security is. All of those scary gun statistics are driven by people for whom the meager welfare state is insufficient. They have some ambition. They want more and they see crime as the way to get it.

In a strange, perverse, warped way the drug criminals are showing that they are worth something to society. Their energy is just misdirected.

Fixating on "self improvement" would help but nobody in the really poor neighborhoods really buys that.

How much is "enough" and who decides?

That's a point of contention across the board.

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