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Comment: Lack of non samsung support! (Score 2, Insightful) 75

by tnerb123 (#40953223) Attached to: CyanogenMod 9 Achieves Stable Release
Cyanogenmod is great. But they have turned there back on the phones that started it all. A lot of phones have version 9 but they are totally unsupported versions. Its to bad because its a great ROM. It also looks like they sold out to Samsung. They seem to support even samsungs older phones which are worse off then some of there unsupported phones!

Comment: every iphone is not the same (Score 1) 864

by tnerb123 (#33951910) Attached to: Steve Jobs Lashes Out At Android
If Steve Jobs thinks every Iphone is the same then he needs to get his head on straight. The 3g does not have multitasking which makes the experience from someone using a 3g compared to a 3gs or 4 totally different. And dont forget there are other app stores for the iPhone as well. So if this post is correct, Jobs is not!

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