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+ - Are we going about teaching math the wrong way?

Submitted by tmtresh
tmtresh (615002) writes "How many of you use math in your everyday life? Ok, me, too. But how often do you really use it, and why not more? We have technology that will solve equations for us. While it is important to know the process to solve an equation, is that more important than knowing how to make the equation in the first place? Shouldn't math classes be more about learning to make equations from real life experiences? What would an ideal math class look like? Would it be books of mostly story problems? Would it be art classes, or drafting classes, or machining or woodworking or chemistry classes that focus on more on the math than the art? How would you make a math class that bridges the gap between life and mathmatics?"

Factorials were someone's attempt to make math LOOK exciting.