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Comment Short vs. Long (Score 1) 208

> where does the seven come in?
1000^7 thousands.

1000^7 thousands = septillion
1000^6 thousands = sextillion
1000^5 thousands = quintillion
1000^4 thousands = quadrillion
1000^3 thousands = trillion
1000^2 thousands = billion
1000^1 thousands = million
1000^0 thousands = thousand

One may argue over whether the short or long system (1000x & offset by 1) makes more sense, but they both have a logical relation.

Comment Re:C=128 (Score 2) 167

There was virtually no CPM software adapted to the C=128

I wasn't aware that it needed to be adapted. When I think of CP/M software I don't think of fancy programs highly customized for specific hardware -- if it had a keyboard and at least an 80x24 screen, it was happy! Being able to run CP/M software was one of the main reasons I got a C128, and I did so for several years with no more adaptation than setting up book scripts on the floppy to automatically load everything the way I wanted.

Comment Don't forget self-employment tax! (Score 1) 128

For many, self-employment tax is another really good reason to try to steady things and avoid "bouncing revenue", if there's the chance that you could end up taking a loss the next year. Big profit one year? Pay big tax! Loss next year? Sorry, bud, no refund!

I confess to getting first-hand experience with this, as I'm accounting on an accrual basis, and just paid taxes for a rather large amount of work done that may eventually have to be written off as bad debt, or at the least is going to cost me to collect, since the guys behind the business have disappeared, and I'll likely go into the red next year. Paying >15% tax on money I haven't actually got...ouch!

Comment dialup != high latency (Score 4, Informative) 558

      High latency = slow
      Dialup = slow
I wouldn't have thought of "dialup" to describe a high-latency connection. (Gee, by eliminating your local router, it drops a hop, and should be faster, right?)

Years ago, the latency from my DSL provider to some locations was so bad (>500ms ping times) that I actually dialed another ISP on when I was using an especially "chatty" protocol, and enjoyed better overall performance, even though the max theoretical throughput was only 1/20th what the DSL connection offered..

Comment What trick-or-treaters? (Score 1) 437

When I lived in an urban apt., I had fun making scary audio recordings, etc., but I live out so far now that in 13 years we've never had a single trick-or-treater visit us! So, if anyone visits us on Halloween, it'll probably be someone we know and, and they'll just be invited in for a visit, etc.

Comment Re:Anyone who votes negative doesn't understand ta (Score 2) 394

> there is no such thing as a "negative" tax bill.

Wrong. in the U.S. *most* federal tax credits are non-refundable, but not all. If you don't make a lot of money, but qualify for refundable credits, it's quite possible to have a negative FIT bill.
I need nothing deducted from my paychecks, because my FIT bill is negative every year. Now if you add in all of the other federal, state, and local taxes I pay, I still pay more than I get, but those are separate "bills".

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