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Comment: Re:Maybe the domain owners are involved? (Score 2) 74

by tliston (#37696942) Attached to: SEO Via DNS "Piggybacking"
In addition to sending notifications to site owners, I did communicate with several of them and they were shocked to find out about the alteration of their domain information. I also spoke with some of the DNS providers and I found nothing to indicate that they were involved (also, from TFA, the domains are spread across multiple DNS providers). As I said in the write-up, my bet is on a combo of poorly chosen passwords and overly generous/non-existent account lockout policies on something like a cPanel interface.

+ - SEO via DNS "Piggybacking"->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: There is an interesting story over at the SANS Internet Storm Center that shows details on about 50 organizations that have had new machine names added to their DNS zone information. These were then pointed to sites used to boost the search engine cred of "pharma," skeevy "personals," and porn sites. If you outsource your DNS, how would you EVER catch something like this?
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