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Comment: It's definitely based upon the channel (Score 1) 127

by tlim (#47610057) Attached to: T-Mobile Smartphones Outlast Competitors' Identical Models

There's N channels for each radio technology: 1XRTT, 3G, EVDO-RevA and RevB, LTE, etc.
The phone gets informed by the carrier which channel it is on, and depending on the channel, it will bring up the antenna more, or less often, to receive things like SMS, PTT, that should come in a timely manner. There are many strategies to keep the traffic channel up, or to trip and dip into the network less frequently.

You also do not have any control of which traffic channel you will be on, as that's pushed down to you depending on congestion, and signal strength, etc.

They work the exact same way, so I suspect they are dipping into the traffic channel less often (as well as getting fewer updates from the network) for T-Mobile than for VzW.

Comment: Re:Faulty Logic (Score 2) 192

by tlim (#40260415) Attached to: LinkedIn Password Leak: Salt Their Hide
Even though salting makes it "much more work", your algorithm could be not CPU(GPU) intensive enough. That's the largest flaw in most systems, and that includes, like the author of MD5crypt stated, too computationally simple to break. So on one simple box, even when salted, we're talking about 2 days time to crack MD5crypt to brute force and 8 character password (probably less with better hardware). Without the salt of course, I suspect that all 6.5M accounts were cracked that day (especially if they can scale it to say 50 ordinary boxes). Use Blowfish or Twofish, and it would take years to even do brute force as each calculation takes in the tenths of seconds (given 12 rounds or greater).
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+ - Eve-Online Economist Presents Real Data->

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smartaleq writes "Eve-Online's resident economist produced an in depth report of the mineral markets in game over the last four years. "Summarizing the historical overview gives us an interesting picture of how markets work in EVE Online. ... trade in minerals has increased eight to twelve times. The increase has accelerated in the past two years with total trade value per capita increasing faster than trade volume. ... Long hauling distances, asymmetric information on trade between regions and the risk involved in hauling valuables from low sec and zero-zero space are all factors which make mineral trading profitable""
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+ - The Theory of Unparticle Physics->

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eldavojohn writes "There's a lot (potentially mad) scientists out there with theories that they hope will be proved/disproved by the Large Hadron Super Collider (LHC) that's under construction. Enter Professor Howard Georgi who has recently proposed unparticle physics or physics that cannot be explained by particles. Described as 'fun' by Georgi, this new theory would describe an uncharted area of the standard model where scale-invariance holds and properties of objects don't change when their dimensional qualities are multiplied by a scalar factor. You can access his first paper on Unparticle Physics as well as his second paper which are both up for review."
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+ - Two Critical Flaws in Yahoo Messenger->

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[Free Viruses Not Included]
[Free Viruses Not Included] writes "It's not getting much press, but there are two critical flaws in Yahoo Messenger that allow remote attackers to take full control. F-Secure reports that simple, point and click tools are widely available, allowing unskilled attackers to exploit either vulnerability. Anyone running it should get the updated version of Yahoo Messenger soon, unless they want to join a botnet."
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