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Comment Re:Trading one set of problems for another (Score 1) 820

If there were children, I would have a life insurance for if they are young. If they are older, they would have to fend for themselves and I hope that they have the same attitude as Ãmy sister and myself have towards our parents

One of the best things you can do for a new baby is be prepared to immediately get a permanent or whole life policy for them, which they can later borrow against, and pay themselves back with interest. If you fully fund it, which takes 11-12 years, if you pay in as much as you legally can, they can borrow from it to pay for college, borrow from it for their wedding, borrow from it to buy their first home, and so on.

There are only about 6 companies in the U.S. which offer policies where you can set your own interest rate on cash value funds borrowed (which then becomes a tax deduction, but adds to the cash value on top of the term value.

The best part is you don't have to depend on your kid being a star athlete, magic minority (e.g. "Irish boys named Humphries"), or be a stellar academician (although I expect most of us here would expect that last of our kids...) and get a scholarship, or not go to college except on daddy or mommy's checkbook.

It's more worthwhile than a trust fund, in most cases, because they *have* to pay themselves back.

Comment Uncapped 4G is pretty nifty. However... (Score 1) 179

Uncapped 4G is pretty nifty. However... I had an uncapped 4G hotspot from one vendor, and it worked pretty great. Then Sprint bought them, and capped it. Then I had uncapped 4G from Clear. Sprint has bought them, and they start capping it, too, as of November 1st. I expect anyone who offers this service can expect to be purchased by Sprint (hey, built in exit strategy for your new startup!) so they can cap it, and charge metered rates for the inevitable overage (particularly now that Windows 10 does peer-to-peer sharing of Windows images and updates, and eats tons of upstream in the process).

If the city implements the infrastructure, then it's possible for it to be competitive, assuming the fiber bandwidth is either intentionally constrained, or effectively constrained by number of links into a single upstream at the head end (same thing that tends to make cable slow at "get up in the morning before work" and "people just got home from school/work" times.

Comment People will "LOL" at this. (Score 1) 820

For starters, I could buy the name brand mac and cheese any time I wanted, not just on special occasions.

People will "LOL" at this.

It is a very real issue for those of us who grew up poor.

On special special occasions, you could include 1lb of ground beef.

Like once a week. Most rich people used to be incredibly poor people who will Never NEVER again be in that position.

Comment 100K a year (Score 1) 820

100K a year after taxes.

It's bound to go up, but to being "wealthy" means $2-4M in investments to get to that after taxes. Depending on how.

Everything after that is either "invest in the investments" or "pay off the house loan against the line of credit".

Any way you look at it, if you do not want to work, or you do not want to work on something other than "facebook++" for some asshole who thinks he has a magic "get rich quick" scheme, you are at a minimum looking at $4M.

Comment Exactly the same kind. (Score 4, Interesting) 43

Re the last paragraph. That is not entirely true, as Intel appear to be able to integrate new chipsets during the time they are released (but only to next tier manufacture) before the public can buy anything using it.

What kind of "peeing on it" has been done to the Intel drivers to get them integrated ?

Exactly the same kind. It's possible to do for anything, it just takes time.

The reason Intel is able to do this ahead of general release, when other vendors aren't, is that it does not lose them a competitive advantage.

First, there is no issue of another manufacturer producing "pin and register compatible devices", and undercutting Intel, because Intel's graphics are integrated into the CPU; you'd have to build an entire Intel compatible CPU as well, and you'd have to do it competitively in terms of price point.

Second, no one really wants to emulate Intel Integrated Graphics in silicon, since there's really no advantage to doing so, since the chips have inferior performance relative to the competition.

So there's really nothing lost by Intel pre-announcing all of the information needed to make a driver, or even publishing source code for the driver, since doing so will sell more Intel chips, not less. For other GPU vendors, this is simply not the case, and there's no economic value in such pre-disclosure.

Comment The whole posting is disengenuous. (Score 3, Insightful) 43

The whole posting is disengenuous.

"the R9 Fury isn't yet in good shape on the open-source driver"

The card won't be changing to fix this; the driver will have to change to accommodate the card; therefore it is more correct to say "The Open Source driver is not yet in good shape on the R9 Fury". In other words, it's not the hardware's fault that the driver doesn't support it yet.

"AMD's open-source developers haven't yet found the time to implement power management / re-clocking support"

The power management model in Linux is Linux's responsibility, not AMD's. The authors of the Open Source driver are accountable *only* for writing callbacks for the device power management component, and populating the structure. It's my understanding that Linux lacks a uniform model for use by all graphics drivers, in this regard. his is a Linux issue, not an AMD issue.


In general, in a hardware world, you either NDA people, or the Open Source is going to lag the closed source, period. This is because openly manipulating code related to an unreleased hardware product in a publicly accessible source repository, instead of a privately held repository, is tantamount to preannouncing your hardware to competitors. You might as well have the CEO call a press conference, and then shoot themselves in the head in public.

Open Source projects have a secondary problem in that, even if the driver source was developed entirely by engineers within AMD, and released the same day as the hardware was made available, the Open Source projects aren't going to be happy just integrating the code as is. They will insist on peeing on it to make it smell like themselves, just as cats do with new furniture, and this will take time. You can either have closed source, or you can have it integrated later than the release date, but you can not have both.

Comment Because this will be unlike Biosphere 2 how? (Score 5, Interesting) 81

Because this will be unlike Biosphere 2 how?

They should have done it under water, if they insisted on Hawaii instead of Antarctica, which would have been a better choice (or at altitude on K2 or Everest, as long as it was a non-permanent installation). There's too much temptation to cheat, there's no real danger, and we already know that curing concrete will eat all your CO2 if you are stupid and don't seal it.

The only good choice fora Hawaii location other than "under water" would be "Inside a large SO2 cloud near a volcano, so that breathing the external atmosphere would get you dead".

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