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Comment: Re:Crying? (Score 2, Insightful) 298

by tlambert (#49499047) Attached to: Columbia University Doctors Ask For Dr. Mehmet Oz's Dismissal

I heard GW Bush claim Saddam had WMDs too, and that didn't happen did it?

Actually, that one did. It resulted in both "Gulf War Syndrome", and a pretty big scandal where Monsanto brokered the deal to sell the machines to manufacture chemical weapons to them from a German company, said deal routed through France. But nice try.

PS: Plus we sold them the Sarin the used against their Kurdish separatists directly, so we knew they had it at one time, and were just hoping they hadn't used it all up so we could say "Aha! Stockpiles!".

Comment: Re:Maybe robots could build desalination plants? (Score 1) 113

by tlambert (#49498341) Attached to: Drought and Desertification: How Robots Might Help

Maybe robots could build desalination plants?
It's pretty damn sure that humans never will ...

We're well on our way to getting one built in Carlsbad, near San Diego. I hope there are more to follow.

"It will produce 50 million gallons of water per day and will provide 7% of the potable water needs for the San Diego region."

Cool. Now you only need to build another 14 of them to satisfy the water needs of the area...

Comment: Re:How convenient for Apple... (Score 5, Insightful) 124

Ohh FFS -- that was at the initial launch and not done as a fuck you but simply because they were more interested in just getting the new product and OS out the door.

It was definitely a "fuck you, this is a phone; this is not another fucking Newton".

Full disclosure: I was an Apple Core OS kernel team member at the time. I wrote 7% of the kernel that runs on the things.

Comment: Re:They were actually unhappy with Pearson. (Score 1) 321

by tlambert (#49497121) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan

No, it is made very clear that Pearson was a subcontractor to Apple. The total contract was Apples, so the fault/responsibility is Apples.
If they had simply sold the ipads and said 'go look for some software' it would be very different.. but they did not.

When someone preloads software that you request be preloaded on a device, that does *NOT* make the software vendor of that software a "subcontractor".

Unless, you know, (1) there was a contract between Apple and Pearson relating to contract line items, and (2) There was *no* contract between LA Unified and Pearson, and (3) LA Unified did not specify the curriculum software to use, and (4) Apple was acting as a slaes agent, rather than as an intermediary.

The breakdown they (LA Unified) gave was:

Special Case ($80);
3-year Apple Care warranty ($150);
Pre-loaded apps ($13-$21);
Pearson curriculum ($150-$300);
PD ($20); and
Buffer Pool ($20).

So it's pretty clear that they meet none of the criteria for subcontractor under the contract.

Comment: Re:get rid of the H-1B job lock and set a higher m (Score 1) 292

by tlambert (#49491137) Attached to: IT Worker's Lawsuit Accuses Tata of Discrimination

OK I've read "various articles in the Seattle Times.

I read the one about the state auditor being indicted.

I read the one about the infant getting shot in the head in Kent in a drive-by.

I read the one about the whooping cough outbreak (which erroneously claims that herd immunity for Pertussis is mathematically even possible, given the diseases R(0) would require 94-96% immunization, and all unimmunized persons be uniformly distributed throughout the population.

I read the one about Shawn Kemp co-hosting a party because Thunder missed the playoffs.

None of these "various articles in the Seattle Times" supported your position.

Link one supporting article from the Seattle Times which is a post-analysis of the job market following the minimum wage being raised. I'll waive the numbers on the small businesses which have gone out of business over the minimum wage being raised (for now).

Comment: Re:get rid of the H-1B job lock and set a higher m (Score 1) 292

by tlambert (#49489735) Attached to: IT Worker's Lawsuit Accuses Tata of Discrimination

Read The Fine Manual (it's all online, various articles in Seattle Times, ignore the state numbers, read the last 2-3 paras which cover King County and Seattle)

Seriously, do you guys not grok the 100 Gbps Internet 2 or something?

Sure we grok it. Do you not grok the idea that if you are not pulling numbers out of your ass, then you probably have the reference material right in front of you, and can therefore paste the information a hell of a lot easier than having us go looking for supporting numbers for your made up statistics for you?

Comment: Re:get rid of the H-1B job lock and set a higher m (Score 1) 292

by tlambert (#49488923) Attached to: IT Worker's Lawsuit Accuses Tata of Discrimination

But if you raise the minimum wage to say $15/hour like Seattle and other places, statistics show job growth of US citizens will increase and they will hire more Americans to work!

Citation needed. Preferably one with a post-analysis of the Seattle job market, with another graph showing impact (if any) on number of small businesses in the immediate area.

Comment: Re:AAA studio? (Score 3, Informative) 166

by tlambert (#49487705) Attached to: 2K, Australia's Last AAA Studio, Closes Its Doors


It's a grading system, based on three grading criteria, each of which can score up to an 'A':

Game success among critics/reviewers
"Innovative gameplay"
Financial success

Given the major reviewers comments on "Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel", the fact that it's "Yet Another First Person Shoot", and the company being unable to afford to remain in business, rather than "AAA Studio", it'd probably be better to describe 2K as a "BCF" studio.

They definitely get an F on their financial success, and YAFPS is hardly innovative game play, so they get a grudging C there, and the reviews at the top sites give them generally in the neighborhood of an 80% approval by reviewers (only GameStop rates them higher than 80%), so that's a B.

I really hate that people hype studios themselves as "AAA", as if that means they are going to get A's in all three categories, just because of who they are, or because of the marketing hype behind their games contributing to a likelihood of good reviews or financial success.

In reality, you are only as good as your last release in all three categories. 2K blew it in at least two of the categories, and turned in B grade work in the third, so it's no surprise they failed.

Comment: They were actually unhappy with Pearson. (Score 4, Insightful) 321

by tlambert (#49487421) Attached to: LA Schools Seeking Refund Over Botched iPad Plan

They were actually unhappy with Pearson.

The article makes this very clear. It wouldn't matter if the Pearson Curriculum were on an iPad or an Android device, they'd still be unhappy with it. The attachment of Apple to the story is a means of click-baiting it. Pretty clear in the quotes from their attorney:

L.A. schools Supt. Ramon C. Cortines “made the decision that he wanted to put them on notice, Pearson in particular, that he’s dissatisfied with their product,” said David Holmquist, general counsel for the nation’s second-largest school system. He said millions of dollars could be at stake.

In a letter sent Monday to Apple, Holmquist wrote that it “will not accept or compensate Apple for new deliveries of [Pearson] curriculum.” Nor does the district want to pay for further services related to the Pearson product.

Pretty ringing condemnation of Pearson's products by the school district; note that the Pearson products might not eve be at fault, given that the complaint was that it didn't help with the standardized testing scores.

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