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Comment Personally (Score 1) 842

I'd move into a house that allowed my wife & kids to have more property for horses & horse related stuff
I'd put in a food forest, silvo pasture & raise some cows, & more pigs.
I'd put in a nice shop, wood working, metal working, laser cutter, cnc, 3d printer or 2. that way I could get back into wood working & just play doing stuff

I'd probably also take a really long trip (30-60 days) with my family to see the US,
I'd spend more time with my kids camping, fishing, horseback riding, etc.

Then possibly go walkabout when their older.

Comment Definitely (Score 1) 124 was founded, by Marcus Carey, accelerated by and recently funded to provide "IT fire drills" to organizations. I'd say if you can get funded & launch a product, it's an important thing to be doing. At the very least have some table top exercises where you or others ask some what if's, then take the answers or lack there of and fix them, and do it again.

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