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Comment: Re:*yawn* these have around for years? (Score 5, Interesting) 208

by tjohns (#44860953) Attached to: USB "Condom" Allows You To Practice Safe Charging

If you plug your power-only USB cable into a modern charger, you'll find that your phone charges quite a bit slower than you'd expect. Modern chargers use the data pins to negotiate whether a charger supports higher currents.

You don't want a phone to try drawing 2A from a charger that's only designed for 500mA.

Comment: Re:Glad they found the error (Score 2) 414

by tjohns (#39131301) Attached to: Faulty Cable To Blame For Superluminal Neutrino Results

What's tuggin away at my trouserleg of concern is: How many other experients, with this cable in place, turned out as expected?

Bit of a poser, that one.

Likely none.

My understanding is that the GPS setup was designed specifically for this experiment. Most experiments conducted at the LHC (or Gran Sasso) would be done entirely on-site and therefore don't need a super-accurate global time source.

Comment: Re:Certificate revocation (Score 1) 154

by tjohns (#37349364) Attached to: Apple Criticized For Not Blocking Stolen Certs

From what I understand, the Diginotor CRL isn't to be trusted at this point. Logs were deleted as part of the hack, and they're not completely sure which fraudulent certificates were issued.

Their OCSP servers were modified to consider all certificates as revoked, except for those on a whitelist. This is the opposite of how OCSP usually works, and the correct approach in this situation. However, CRLs can only be used as a blacklist.


Comment: Re:lol javascript (Score 1) 206

by tjohns (#35449538) Attached to: First Look At Chrome 10

It makes a big difference for web-based applications that are implemented primarily in JavaScript.

For example: If you're designing slides for a presentation, playing a 3D game, or editing a photo -- things that are graphics heavy and CPU intensive -- you want to get as much performance out of the JS interpreter as possible.

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