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Comment: Re:the US and Israel butchers assassins torturers (Score 1) 676

by tisepti (#33996166) Attached to: WikiLeaks Releases Cache of 400,000 Iraq War Documents

Even if you want to reduce it to "Democrat or Republican - forever" voting for a third party is still useful; its a way to identify a vote as up for grabs. Perhaps about the only way under those circumstances. Consider it a form of what England did in their elections. LibDems were not even close to actually taking majority for themselves - but because they decided who would they wielded (and wield) a disproportionate effect.

A 'Third party' vote is likely the *best* vote you could make.

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by tisepti (#33723516) Attached to: ATMs That Dispense Gold Bars Coming To America

While buying gold might be a viable investment strategy buying it via Goldline is not. Their markups over commodity - or even their competitors - are enormous. Sure the price may have doubled since you bought your 'investment' but if bought at a 150% markup (large but not their worst one) those gains will not be seen by you. Assuming you don't believe in a total collapse of the entire world economy you would be better off buying something like a mining company or ultra-low risk foreign bonds.

And if you *do* believe in total collapse I'd recommend that the heavy metal you want is three over on the elemental chart.

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