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+ - Easy ways of protecting your laptop from theft?

Inquétude Mobile writes: "Surprisingly few notebook vendors boast security as a feature, and some of those who do dare mentioning a fingerprint reader who works only after loading a Windows driver. Kensington locks are laughable, BIOS passwords only last as long as an easily accessible battery. Full-disk encryption on a laptop kills the battery and severely affects an already limited transfer rate (I'm talking about two 120GB hard-drives packed with large files in a $1000 Fujitsu notebook here). My best bet so far has been a simple and stupid method: #1 insert some code in the MBR that says "you are being watched, beware" then simply hang, and #2 keep the actual boot loader on an USB memory/watch (search ThinkGeek) that stays on my wrist. While this method is portable to almost anything (had to come up with something positive about it), can you Slashdotters suggest another that does not incur a huge performance penalty / impossibility of data recovery / incompatibility with some operating system and is not targeted to a NSA employee?"

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