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Comment Re:Slower in games, faster in vector maths (Score 0) 53

I still have a "vintage 2006" Core 2 Quad in my gaming desktop. It's one of the original quad core monsters. It's so old it's on 65nm tech and it actually has two processor dies on one package that communicate over FSB. It's one of the last Intel chips without an on-die memory controller... it certainly COULD be paired with nice fast DDR3, but my old motherboard has DDR2-800 memory, and I'm not even running in dual channel because I buy mismatched old ram for cheap from friends.

When I noticed my pc was getting a bit slow a few years ago, I put a $20 Hyper 212+ cooler on there and overclocked it +45% to 3.5 Ghz. Had to raise the Vcore all the way to 1.6V, enough to make people on overclocking forums wince, but the thing is _stable_ and has been for years. I did the math and this "105 watt" rated cpu is sucking down 191 watts now. Absolutely amazed at how cheap good CPU cooling is today.

Paired with a Radeon 7850 I picked up for $180 a few years ago, it's good for 40+ fps on anything but the most poorly optimized single-threaded games I play. Any Crysis, any STALKER (even with punishing community-made mods with extra pretty everywhere), World of Tanks, Deus Ex:HR... had a blast playing all of them! At this point, pushing and prodding my el cheapo system to get a good frame rate in my games is half the satisfaction of gaming to me :P

Every once in a while I spec out a new build and see if it's worth it to me to plunk down a few hundred for an upgrade. So far, it just hasn't been worth it. Modern games are pretty good about using 3-4 cores; video encodes (the only other demanding thing I do) are embarrassingly parallel, and now that I have an SSD in my pc it hardly ever has a "senior moment". If I were building a new pc right now I'd probably go with an AMD vishera build. Never mind the tech is a few years old... they're cheap, they're FULL-FEATURED, they're FULLY OVERCLOCKABLE, and AMD doesn't play dirty like Intel, who rigs compilers and sends out PR shills everywhere. Or maybe you think the solution to hot chips is to spend millions on shills to insult AMD rather than just make an appropriately sized heatsink/fan that would cost another dollar to ship to the customer.

I've probably used enough Intel hate buzzwords to summon Hairyfeet to this thread, haha. But the man speaks the truth. This "Intel rules AMD drools" sentiment among gamers makes me wonder how many have tried fueling up thier Honda Civics with 100-low-lead airport gas -_- MAKES IT GO FASTER!!

Comment Re:Sigh. 28nm... (Score 1) 77

I guess it's just the way the engineering played out. Basically everyone except Intel is stuck on 28nm, so there's not much to work with... might as well pay your engineers to rig up a way to deal with all that heat. At least AMD is putting effective coolers on their cards instead of nVidia just putting the "prettiest" blower on there.

I don't really share your want for lower-power graphics cards though. These are *desktop* parts connected to the electrical mains. I don't live in communist germany where electricity costs 3-4x as much as it should, the cost is negligible for me; all I care about is maximum performance per unit cost; if that means a 1.2 kW system then so be it!

Comment Re:Three thoughts... (Score 1) 394

Only explanation I can think of is: rear facing seats aren't always safer.

During a crash, shit will be flying fowards at very high speeds. If an overhead bin in row 30 crumples and a gym bag full of barbells sails into the aisle seat in row 20, you'd want that to hit a padded headrest of a seat bolted to the floor, not the front of your face.

Comment Re:Fee Fees Hurt? (Score 2) 270

In fact, class warfare is precisely the mass of the population fighting against the elite tyrants, i.e. workers against capitalists in Marxist terms.

That's always the official story. In practice, an environment of constant fear and distrust is created as the instigators use class warfare to set the population against itself, throwing the country into chaos, giving the instigators more favorable odds for their coup against the existing elite.

You appear to be using some strange American interpretation of the term "class warfare".

No, he's just saying it like it is. Here's a shot in the dark: maybe he knows about the post-war "liberation" of China, where [Peasant A], who owned one cooking pot, would accuse his neighbor [Peasant B], who owned TWO cooking pots ("oh, such a DECADENT CAPITALIST!!"), of being a "landlord". The "landlord" was then tortured and executed. If [Peasant B] got wind of it and chose to lamb it, any family he left behind would be tortured and executed instead. Communist Russia went through a similar phase with their "kulaks". In either country, it was a fantastic way for one person to sic a lynch mob on anyone they wanted, and show their class warfare cred in the process.

Comment Re:Too many pixels = slooooooow (Score 1) 263

Complete and utter BS.

Truth. Anyone remember this guy?
Bought a bunch of el cheapo 4K televisions for the programmers at his office. Even though the 30hz refresh rate caused horrible mouse lag, they all put up with it. It's not like there was a 4K computer monitor at anywhere near a competitive price.

"I didn't really get it until just now." Four editors side-by-side each with over a hundred lines of code, and enough room to spare for a project navigator, console, and debugger. Enough room to visualize the back-end service code, the HTML template, the style-sheet, the client-side script, and the finished result in a web browser - all at once without one press of Alt-tab.

Comment Re:Procedural Rules? (Score 2) 128

What are they teaching kids in schools these days? Back in my day Gideon's Trumpet was in the curriculum and we went over all the key / formative SCOTUS rulings over the US's history.

I totally don't know. I took civics class in high school in 2008, and a couple weeks were devoted to students researching and presenting information about landmark court cases to the class. I was home sick the day everyone picked their court cases, so I got stuck with a court case I had never heard of and that I knew nobody else wanted: Gideon v. Wainwright.

What luck! I got to watch Gideon's Trumpet during school hours, I read and learned way more about the public defender system than I had time to present, and I was actually just playing hooky the day I stayed home! While everyone else was bitching and moaning about how much they were procrastinating on their presentation, I was lost in this story of a poor old drifter without much book-learnin' showing supreme court justices how shit should get done in America.

I learned some time later that on the day students picked their court cases, fully half of the class demanded to research Miller v. California ("you know, the one about PORNOGRAPHY... tee-hee!"). There was such a stalemate, I think the teacher finally had them draw straws.

Comment Re:The bay area used to have affordable housing (Score 1) 359

As much as your racist mindset would like that to support your conclusion. It simply doesn't. Being 13-14% of the population does not imply being an even distribution within the demographics of the population. If all 75% of that 13-14% is poor (not unreasonable), but only 10% of the white people are poor (also not unreasonable), then that would give you pretty much the exact same number of poor people of either race. The result - an unsurprising 50/50 split in crime rates too.

I don't think it's poverty that leads to crime (West Virginia is poor and has low crime). Rather, I think that surrendering to poverty leads to crime. Joining a gang, dealing drugs, and expecting to get killed or imprisoned for life by age 30 only seems tolerable if you're convinced that there aren't any better options.

But there are better options. Anyone who can borrow or save a few hundred bucks can buy a greyhound ticket to North Dakota. There is an oil boom going on there, right now, with scads of job openings requiring no prior education or skills, with starting salaries around $50,000/year. That's higher than the median household income in the US. Most companies even have barracks on-site for employees who can't find housing. Also, working a bottom-rung service industry job near the oil fields is still pretty lucrative; I hear Walmart cashiers are making $20 an hour in ND!

Comment Re:Facebook Censorship (Score 1) 218

RoK is woman hating shite.

The funny thing about "RoK" to me is that I think of kings as highly feminized men. They wear (er... wore) dresses, they wield a lot of power over other people, they constantly mingle with other powerful people, and they're very rich. Lots of women just find that irresistible, which is too bad, because if they didn't, maybe something would have been invented during the middle ages other than the bubonic plague.

Comment Re:EVN (Escape Velocity Nova) (Score 1) 270

Still have a copy of it kicking around, too. :)

Yeah, I loaded up my old copy a few months ago and played through it a couple times. I was glad to see there are plug-ins to help the game run on widescreen displays and at higher resolutions than the default 1024x768. It looked great on my 1680x1050 screen.

Comment Re:Gave it up (Score 1) 270

Then I spent $40 on a pledge for this Star Citizen, which I suspect I'll spend a lot of time playing over these next few years.

Just read up on Star Citizen and I've become interested as well. Have you ever played or heard about Escape Velocity Nova? It sounds somewhat similar to Star Citizen, though EV Nova is single-player only.

I found EV Nova to be highly engrossing and fun; it's a free roaming space trader / space combat game with RPG elements. It's shareware, so you can download the full game and play about the first 50% of it for free, with the option to $30 for a license that unlocks the full game, with all the special missions and spaceship outfits and what-not. And you can use the same license for the universal binary mac version (the game was released in 2001, and there's an x86 mac version! bless those devs hearts :P), or the windows version, or both. You can also get free plugins for EV Nova to play the two earlier games in the EV series, again on either mac or pc. Hands-down the best shareware game I ever bought. Oh, there are also a ton of user-made mods and total conversions out there, even though it's always been a bit of a niche game.

I used to go on 12-hour binges with games like Battlefield 2 and Diablo 1/2, but I always found that EV Nova never inspired me to push myself and play more than an hour or two a day. Maybe it's because a lot of the story is described in text terminals and requires some degree of imagination to "come alive", I'm not quite sure. Since it offered me such a good deal of fun for so little addictive potential, I thought I'd share it with you; it's a good game for someone who likes space trader / combat games but also has a life to attend to.

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