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Comment: 2 things (Score 4, Insightful) 35

First, instead of linking a page that gives you eye strain and is generally a boil on the ass of the internet, please link to the actual source, as has been pointed out before.

And second, I think this link (the one mentioned above, not the one in TFS) should go to as many leaders of state as possible, just to help them put their own imagined importance into perspective.

Comment: Re:Why? (Score 4, Informative) 131

by Opportunist (#49166779) Attached to: Unreal Engine 4 Is Now Free

I don't know. Why don't you ask the makers of these games.

Oh look. They ain't UT clones. There's a RTS. There is a survival horror game (ok, this now almost forces the "and how many survival horror games..." question). And I think over there's an Adventure game. There's a racing game in there too, go, try to find it!

Comment: Re: Who did the study? (Score 1) 340

by Opportunist (#49157889) Attached to: We Stopped At Two Nuclear Bombs; We Can Stop At Two Degrees.

Facts mattered? Must've been a long time ago.

Money matters. And I don't even want to solve whether the money from those industries that don't want to face expenses to deal with stricter environment laws matters more than that from industries that want to sell the stuff that makes the former compliant with stricter environment laws.

In the old days there may have been some scientific process to determine who's right. You know, with thesis, antithesis and discussion. Today it's way easier: Whoever contributes the most campaign money is right.

"Nature is very un-American. Nature never hurries." -- William George Jordan