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by Opportunist (#46780699) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

As I stated before, of course these indies exist. On a municipal level where they have little, if any, influence on the grand scheme of things, or if at a higher level, then they're embedded in enough members of The Party to be kept under control. How many independent senators/congressmen are there? And, please, REALLY independent ones only, not some R or D that decides to go "indie" because he lost the primaries.

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by Opportunist (#46780563) Attached to: Study Finds US Is an Oligarchy, Not a Democracy

Sadly, yes, the problem has arrived on this side of the pond, too. For quite a while now, voting meant that you vote for a predetermined coalition. Though I already see this trend in decline, at the very least since the German FDP dropped out of the Bundestag (their Parliament) completely because they tied themselves for good or ill to the CDU/CSU. The reaction from voters was mostly to shift over to the CDU/CSU entirely, essentially cutting the FDP out of the parliament altogether.

The German Greens were facing a similar fate and are already trying very hard to present themselves as something other than the "SPD-light". Which is admittedly easier now that they got a big coalition government.

I can't talk about France, since I don't know whether there has been any movement over there as well, but there are quite a few countries where you don't really have predetermined coalitions, where voting for "your" party does actually make sense.

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Oh yes, please send the poor little bully into counceling, the poor little misguided soul should be shown just how much pain he caused his victim so he learns just how much better it would be not to hurt someone. But we shouldn't make him apologize, it would probably humiliate him too much and shatter his precious little soul.

Like that?

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Why so complicated? Hold schools responsible for bullying, including any and all costs for medical bills, psychological and otherwise, that can be linked to it, payable by the school's budget. Unless they can show that they did their best to get rid of the bullies instead of the usual tactics of turning a blind eye to it so the bully doesn't find other targets (like school property or faculty) they are responsible, fully. In public schools you can also fire anyone who could have responded and didn't. Private schools should be sufficiently motivated by the fact that the fines can make up a multiple of the tuition fee they lose by throwing the bully out.

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