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Comment: Re:Open Source? (Score 1) 664

by tiocsti (#30162656) Attached to: Google Releases Source To Chromium OS

I suspect when they say consumers won't be able to download the operating system they mean google won't be providing a package for end users, nor will it support installation.

As for the os itself, I wonder if it'll support native client or not...i suspect so, it might not be half bad at the low end of the netbook market, which seems to be where they are aiming.

Comment: Re:claims (Score 1) 657

by tiocsti (#30066656) Attached to: Microsoft Patents Sudo's Behavior

Except, gksudo doesn't come up in response to a failed security authentication. gksudo comes up because the control panel knows it needs administrator permissions and explicitly calls gksudo. gksudo is not sitting around behind the scenes, watching for authentication failures.

Pretty much this. A closer comparison to these patent claims would be openbsd's systrace w/ priv escalation, rather than sudo. Even that's not quite the same thing, though, and is primarily designed for a different purpose. They key behind this patent seems to be that the application does not need to be sudo-aware, and invoke it explicitly -- and it just happens passively as a result of a failure due to permissions.

Also, in the patent apps references section, they call out gksudo, sudo, and several other unix tools that are similar to this if you only read the abstract.

Comment: Re:Let me be the first one to say it ... (Score 1) 1870

by tiocsti (#27611793) Attached to: Pirate Bay Trial Ends In Jail Sentences

Any software developer is going to probably have their work pirated at one time or another. You have to assess whether or not the people downloading it for free are likely customers. Maybe some are, but likely the vast majority are not.

However, pirate bay did not pirate anything, the facilitated the piracy. They played a relatively small role in piracy, it's like suing an irc network for pirating your software, it's a little bit silly once you think about it.

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