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Comment Re:The cure (Score 1) 588

Fortunately I have patented a cure for this affliction (AKA Electrodamper) consisting of a large plastic box with a heavy battery, a switch and blue LED light. All the sufferer has to do is to flip the switch to build a bubble of electro-protection around themselves - relief should be immediate

Hah, Mine is better, it produces both 2.4 & 5GHz fields with wave cancelling effects. That way, ONLY WIFI signals are blocked.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 588

I doubt anyone is suggesting blinking LEDs actually cause the problem (dear God, I hope not).

actually, blinking lights have long been proven to give people headaches & even seizures - but that's not the issue under discussion as those are epileptic in nature.

Comment Re:Worst summary ever (Score 1) 55

You might want to rethink that statement. In most places, the property will be sold at auction after 90 days. If the person is not found guilty, or wins the case to have their property returned - in the case of property seized without charges, then they will be refunded the proceeds minus impoundment fees and auction fees. (IE usually you owe the government for the privilege of them taking your stuff)

Comment Re:you are a sick idiot (Score 2) 397

Because people who live in NYC think the world ends at the outer boroughs.

Having lived in NY state, according to NY city people, everything past Westchester is irrelevant. Even Albany (state capital for non US people) is a hick town that doesn't matter.

In their mindset, water magically appears from the tap & the 200 miles a aqueduct doesn't need maintenance, nor do the roads stretching 400 miles to the other side of the state.

Comment Re: Who? (Score 2) 556

Wait wait what? The FBI investigating threats against a "commoner" is now reason for concern? Gosh, I'm sorry you feel it's so alarming that the FBI has decided to take a phone call from one of the little people.

They threatened to shoot up a school if one of their targets was allowed to speak at a conference. That's most likely the only reason the FBI gives a shit.

Comment Re:Who? (Score 2, Informative) 556

3. Victims of #gg, if any can be found.

I would say that people who've received death threats, rape threats, had their blogs vandalized, etc would count as victims. Given that a crapton of those threats were on twitter & posted in comments on blogs as well as e-mailed, the FBI isn't going to have a hard time showing they didn't come from the 'drama queens' looking for attention.

Have there been death threats - yes

Have there been threats of rape - yes

Have there been threats to shoot up a school - yes

To suggest that their are no "victims of #GG" is utterly inconsistent with known, provable facts.

Comment Re:Fire all the officers? (Score 1) 515

GJ isn't a trial, it's an inquiry - under normal circumstances it's a witch hunt.

The DA goes in & says, this is the law, this is my evidence, does it meet the demands of the law. There is no defense attorney, there is no defense at all - just the DA questioning if he can get over the hurdle of sufficient evidence. That's why out of the 168K GJs over the last 5 years, there have only been 200 that returned no indictments. (~90 GJs were for police with ~85 cleared & 5 indicted)

Comment Re:I have a solution (Score 1) 515

Their immunity stems from the heft of their night-sticks, the nozzle of their pepper spray cans, and the barrel of their nines.

Their immunity stems from the lack of integrity on the part of the DA's office. If the DA's office held them accountable for the crimes they commit, their nightsticks, spray, & 9mm would be no more formidable than a common criminal's. The DA's won't prosecute & cops know it. Hence they have no incentive to follow the law.

Comment Re:Pay with the pension fund! (Score 1) 515

A tough measure? Sure. By I don't expect it to work *because* it's tough. I expect it to work because any officer who erased someone else's personal data without a court order would lose his job and be ineligible to work as a cop anywhere else, ever again.

Won't work because the prosecutor won't enforce the law. Cleveland the cops clearly shot a person who was just turning around to see who was yelling. The DA started his "we didn't get an indictment" press conference with "It's important to remember there are no bad guys here". This is a DA that has previously spent hours ranting about tagging, prostitution, and homeless loitering.

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