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+ - Sweden Bans "b", "a", "n",-> 1

Submitted by netczar
netczar (707412) writes "According to a report by Patrik Fältström, Sweden's regulatory body, PTS, has notified the country's top-level domain registry .SE (The Internet Infrastructure Foundation) to blacklist sequence of characters 'b', 'a', 'n', and 'k' in all domain name registrations under the .se domain. Patrick writes: 'This is, as people know (except PTS obviously), is not how domain name registration works. Instead, one is strengthening the dispute resolution process so that it is more well known what will happen if some infringement is happening. Next step is of course to have more terms than 'bank' be added to this black list. Like registered trademarks in the world, and other terms. For example everything in Wikipedia!'"
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+ - Top ten scientific discoveries of 2007-> 2

Submitted by
Josh Fink
Josh Fink writes "Time Magazine has a piece about the top 10 scientific discoveries of 2007. While most of the items in the top ten are interesting, I do not know if they hold much value as the best top ten to pick from what has been discovered this year. Items such as "Kryptonite", stem cell research and the brighten supernova on file made it to the list though. Check out the editorial here. Also included in the top 10 editorial are pieces on the top 10 medical breakthroughs, the top 10 man made disasters and the top 10 green "ideas"."
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