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Comment Re:So what (Score 1) 44

Smartwatches are mostly still just status symbols masquerading as over-engineered solutions looking for a problem.

I have a Pebble (original). I've had many comments about it being a cool gadget or how they've never seen someone pay for their coffee with their watch before, but definitely nothing that would make me even think of it as somewhat of a status symbol. It's just the modern day equivalent of the Casio watch.

Comment Fullscreen Adverts and Redirects (Score 1) 161

There is a real problem with mobile browsing right now. Many websites employ fullscreen adverts with an [x] button which is tricky to hit properly with the fingers. There is also the problem of redirects, whereby the browser is hijacked and redirected via an advertising system to a URL which opens an AppStore link (usually one of these freemium games). It's all really annoying and not at all a pleasant experience.

Now, if someone can make a blocker which gets rid of those pesky EU cookie warnings which appear on all websites, it would be even better.

Comment Re:What after one year? (Score 1) 374

Sure it is. I think OS X updates are actually free now, but remember that these are updates to be installed on top of an existing OS X installation. You pay a premium for Apple computers compared to similarly spec'd non-Apple computers and this makes up for the "free" OS.

Linux is usually free for consumers who don't need a support package. There is an argument that it requires more time to set up and get working properly, but I don't know how true this is these days.

Considering the number of people who choose to buy a computer with Windows installed, clearly a significant number of people feel that the added value is worth the cost.

Comment Re:Goldman Sachs and possible GPL Violations? (Score 3, Insightful) 84

Considering the guy has been convicted of "unlawful duplication", it sounds like Goldman Sachs did not distribute the software in question. They are therefore entitled to incorporate GPL'd code into their software without making the rest of their code public.

Comment Re:None (Score 1) 484

You should try some different types instead of allowing your experience with one particular model to define your outlook on smartphones.

Looking at my current smartphone for example, I can:-

- Make phone calls which go via the cellular network or wifi depending on where I am
- Send picture messages to people from any country without having to pay extortionate messaging charges
- Take quick, spur of the moment, photos or videos of situations which arise when I didn't take my DSLR with me
- Surf the web anywhere without having to carry a big tower case and monitor
- Receive and respond to emails which might require a timely response (e.g. time limited offers)
- Listen to music from a wide variety of sources
- Interact with social media from anywhere

And I can do all of these things, and more, without having to carry a suitcase with 10-15 different devices.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 2) 516

The old fashioned menu UI is hardly efficient and intuitive. For a start, it doesn't allow in-line changes to things such as cell formatting or easy selection of graph/table design options.

And as for why some settings are under a completely unintuitive menu name, I have no idea.

However, that's my opinion. Yours differs. :)

Comment Re:Why would anyone buy something from those catal (Score 1) 65

The internet simply changes the impulse buying method.

Instead of catalogues and shelves full of impulse buy items, we now have recommended purchases which other users bought, the ability to buy things without even taking out your debit/credit card and flash sales.

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