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Comment Re:Because of the endless whiners (Score 1) 150

I suspect you might well be surprised at the hardware used by people who use Slashdot. With a few exceptions, I think the majority of people here seem quite intelligent and logical but have somewhat of an aversion to change and unnecessary innovations.

Speaking purely for myself, I built my computer in 2011 with a i5 2500k and maxed out the RAM. Then I spent £60 on a low end graphics card because - why spend more when I have a console for gaming and a media player (WDTV at the time) for watching downloaded shows and movies?

I might be in the minority, but I don't think it will be a tiny minority.

Comment Re:I had a N9 (Score 1) 45

I found hardware qwerty phone keyboards the most difficult to use and introduced the most errors. Probably because the keys are so small. I find the iOS software keyboard really simple to use, especially with autocorrect. I can usually walk and type with my thumbs (looking ahead rather than at the phone) and most of the time it is correct.

But nothing will beat the original 0-9 and T9 for ease of use and accuracy. I don't really remember which I liked the best - I used 0-9 (multi tap) for years and then one day I got a new phone and made a conscious effort to learn T9 and after that I was hooked.

Comment Re:I don't like this at all (Score 1) 176

However, as time goes by, people use more and more data on their mobile devices. All of which requires additional investment or incentivising customers to lower their data usage.

A few years ago, average data usage on one of the UK's mobile networks was c. 2GB per month. This year, average data usage on the same network is c. 4GB per month. I have an unlimited (genuinely unlimited) plan with the same network and my average monthly usage has gone from 2GB to 15GB in the same period of time.

So, in spite of prices going up, we are probably actually seeing a decrease in the cost per unit used.

Comment Re:The Surface Pro, stiff competition for the iPad (Score 2) 279

The iPad Pro is designed as a competitor for the Surface. In case you missed the keynote, there was a large proportion of the time taken up by Microsoft and Adobe demonstrations showing how iPad Pro can be used in a business environment.

As a productivity device, iPad Pro will probably fail. I missed the announcement that it now works properly (i.e. supports screen/application sharing) with business tools like WebEx and Lync. I can't dock it and use a multiple monitor setup. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

If I was looking for a consumer device, the sure. I'd probably choose an iPad for consumption. But for business use, it is nowhere near being a serious competitor for the Surface Pro.

Comment Re:when it does anything w/o telling (Score 1) 165

Suing a company under the Computer Misuse Act would require a private prosecution under criminal law and would probably cost a lot of money. You would also have to prove 'beyond all reasonable doubt'.

You would certainly be able to file a claim, alleging a tort (England/Wales) or delict (Scotland), which would be decided on the balance of probabilities.

(IANAL but I did work for one for a couple of years).

Comment Re:So what (Score 1) 44

Smartwatches are mostly still just status symbols masquerading as over-engineered solutions looking for a problem.

I have a Pebble (original). I've had many comments about it being a cool gadget or how they've never seen someone pay for their coffee with their watch before, but definitely nothing that would make me even think of it as somewhat of a status symbol. It's just the modern day equivalent of the Casio watch.

Comment Fullscreen Adverts and Redirects (Score 1) 161

There is a real problem with mobile browsing right now. Many websites employ fullscreen adverts with an [x] button which is tricky to hit properly with the fingers. There is also the problem of redirects, whereby the browser is hijacked and redirected via an advertising system to a URL which opens an AppStore link (usually one of these freemium games). It's all really annoying and not at all a pleasant experience.

Now, if someone can make a blocker which gets rid of those pesky EU cookie warnings which appear on all websites, it would be even better.

Comment Re:What after one year? (Score 1) 374

Sure it is. I think OS X updates are actually free now, but remember that these are updates to be installed on top of an existing OS X installation. You pay a premium for Apple computers compared to similarly spec'd non-Apple computers and this makes up for the "free" OS.

Linux is usually free for consumers who don't need a support package. There is an argument that it requires more time to set up and get working properly, but I don't know how true this is these days.

Considering the number of people who choose to buy a computer with Windows installed, clearly a significant number of people feel that the added value is worth the cost.

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